Taco Hoekwater
MAPS 2006.2 (English/Dutch)
MAPS 34, 2006, 1-108
keywords: NTG, MAPS
abstract: NTG's magazine
34/maps.pdf (12536kb)

Taco Hoekwater, Wybo Dekker
Redactioneel (Dutch)
MAPS 34, 2006, 1
34/01.pdf (104kb)

Taco Hoekwater
Nog een laatste dingetje ... — ... de i-Installer zoekt een nieuwe beheerder (Dutch)
MAPS 34, 2006, 2
keywords: i-installer, i quit, gerben wierda
34/02.pdf (162kb)

Hans Hagen
What tools do ConTeXt users have? (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 3-7
keywords: ConTeXt, tools, scripts
abstract: This article describes the tools that are available for
running ConTeXt, for testing, finding, analysing files,
installing fonts, and more
34/03.pdf (209kb)

Taco Hoekwater, Hans Hagen
Announcement: ConTeXt user meeting 2007 (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 8
keywords: ConTeXt, meeting, announcement
34/04.pdf (166kb)

Hans Hagen
MkII - MkIV (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 9-21
keywords: ConTeXt, mkii, mkiv, luatex
abstract: This article is the first in a series about ConTeXt and
luatex. For those who use ConTeXt it is a progress report
of the development process and the choices that are being
made. For those not using ConTeXt it gives some insight
in what luatex is about.
34/05.pdf (271kb)

Aditya Mahajan
Display Math in ConTeXt (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 22-34
keywords: ConTeXt, math, amstex
abstract: This article explains how to do various kinds of alignments
in ConTeXt. A visual output is presented, and it is
then shown how that effect can be achieved in LaTeX and
ConTeXt. We hope that article will make the transition
from LaTeX with amsmath package to ConTeXt easier.
34/06.pdf (294kb)

Taco Hoekwater
Metapost Developments (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 35-37
keywords: metapost, filename templates, cmyk color, greyscale, object specials, encapsulated postscript, font inclusion, groff
abstract: The new release of metapost includes some new features
as well as a number of bugfixes. The new functionality
includes: the possibility to use a template for the
naming of output files; support for cmyk and greyscale
color models; per-object Postscript specials; the option
to generate Encapsulated Postscript files adhering to
Adobe's Document Structuring Conventions; the ability to
embed re-encoded and/or subsetted fonts; and support for
the GNU implementation of troff (groff).
34/07.pdf (166kb)

Jerzy Ludwichowski
Announcement: EuroBachoTeX 2007 (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 38
keywords: eurotex, bachotex, announcement
34/08.pdf (107kb)

Bogusław Jackowski
Appendix G illuminated (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 39-46
keywords: math, texbook
abstract: This paper aims to provide a collection of illustrations to
Appendix G of the texbook. To begin with, I will summarize
briefly the main issues of the texbook which will be dealt
with here; next, I confine myself to the explanation of
the figures. Naturally, I will use the same notation as
is used in Appendix G.
34/09.pdf (2085kb)

Hans Hagen, Jerzy Ludwichowski, Volker Schaa
The New Font Project: TeX Gyre (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 47-50
keywords: fonts
abstract: In this short presentation, we will introduce a new
project: the ``LM-ization'' of the free fonts that come
with TeX distributions. We will discuss the project
objectives, timeline and cross-LUG funding aspects.
34/10.pdf (240kb)

Taco Hoekwater, Hans Hagen
The making of a (TeX) font (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 51-54
keywords: fonts, cowfont, Duane Bibby
abstract: We want to introduce a new display font to the TeX
community. The font is a digitization of a series of Duane
Bibby drawings, commissioned by Pragma ADE. The digital
version for use with ConTeXt is prepared by Bittext based
on scans provided by Pragma ADE.
34/11.pdf (995kb)

Paul Lemmens
Je proefschrift in LaTeX zetten (Dutch)
MAPS 34, 2006, 55-64
keywords: LaTeX, proefscrift
abstract: In dit artikel beschrijf ik hoe ik mijn proefschrift in
LaTeX gezet heb. Ik ga in op mijn werkomgeving, de extra
pakketten die ik gebruikte, de (lokale) truuks die ik in
het bronbestand gebruikte en de problemen die ik ondervond
(en oplossingen daarvoor).
34/12.pdf (378kb)

Hans van der Meer
Random bit generator in TeX (Dutch)
MAPS 34, 2006, 65-67
abstract: Een in TeX gecodeerde randomgenerator maakt het mogelijk
om willekeurige getallen en beslissingen te verwerken in
de productie van documenten.
34/13.pdf (206kb)

Paweł Jackowski
Enjoy TeX pearls diving! (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 68-77
keywords: bachotex, tricks
abstract: The BachoTeX 2006 conference continued the Pearls of TeX
Programming open session introduced in 2005 during which
volunteers present TeX-related tricks and shorties.
34/14.pdf (291kb)

Siep Kroonenberg
Epspdf (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 78-80
keywords: encapsulated postscript, pdf, converter, graphical interface, command-line
abstract: This article introduces epspdf, a converter between eps,
PostScript and pdf which can be run either via a graphical
interface or from the command-line.
34/15.pdf (232kb)

Frans Goddijn
David Walden interview (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 81-84
keywords: interview, Dave Walden
abstract: There's a treasure URL on the TUG site, where Dave Walden
has collected a number of excellent interviews with key
people of the TeX community - a lively `Who's Who' for
anyone who has met some TeX luminaries or seen them in
action during conferences. The interviews go way beyond
the obvious as Dave invites his guests to respond to
his lucid questions. The result is a growing collection
of significantly detailed portraits of the people who
have made the TeX landscape the way it is today. Even if
you've known one of the featured people for years, you're
certain to discover something interesting about this
person that you've never been aware of. Although there
is an excellent interview with Dave himself on the site,
conducted by Karl Berry, we decided to interview Dave for
MAPS, exploring some subjects that were mentioned in his
online conversation with Berry. You might want to read
that interview first to have context for some of the
questions and answers in this interview.
34/16.pdf (1867kb)

Wybo Dekker
The `isodoc' class (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 85-101
keywords: isodoc, letters, examples, LaTeX
abstract: The `isodoc' class can be used for the preparation of
letters, invoices, and, in the future, similar documents.
Documents are set up with options, thus making the class
easily adaptable to user's wishes and extensible for other
document types.
34/17.pdf (1025kb)

Geert Verhaag
Creating a Dust-cover in ConTeXt (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 102-104
keywords: dust-cover, ConTeXt
abstract: This short article describes how to setup a dust-cover for
a book, using the standard features available in ConTeXt.
34/18.pdf (1084kb)

Taco Hoekwater
TUG 2006 report (English)
MAPS 34, 2006, 105-108
keywords: tug, marrakesh
abstract: After TUG 2003 in America (Hawaii - USA), TUG 2004 in
Europe (Xanthi - Greece), TUG 2005 in Asia (Wuhan -
China), the TUG 2006 was held in Africa, more precisely
in Marrakesh. Processing multilingual e-documents went
beyond the limits of its traditional cultural areas and new
horizons in the internationalization of TeX were explored.
34/19.pdf (4285kb)