Taco Hoekwater
MAPS 2011.1 (English/Dutch)
MAPS 42, 2011, 1-110
keywords: NTG, MAPS
abstract: NTG's magazine
42/maps.pdf (13201kb)

Taco Hoekwater
Redactioneel (Dutch)
MAPS 42, 2011, 1-1
42/01.pdf (29kb)

Announcement: TUG 2011 (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 2-2
42/02.pdf (2533kb)

Koen Wybo
Review of Typesetting tables with LaTeX by Herbert Voss (Dutch)
MAPS 42, 2011, 3-4
42/03.pdf (3668kb)

Nicolaas J.I. Mars
Review of Typesetting mathematics with LaTeX by Herbert Voss (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 5-6
42/04.pdf (472kb)

Willi Egger
A Personal Organizer: PocketDiary (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 7-14
keywords: Maps, Context, module, lua
abstract: Sometimes, a cheap personal organizer on paper can come in
handy. This solution prepared in ConTeXt MKIV provides a
range of options to set up such a personal organizer. The
point is, that the PocketDiary is printed on a single sided
A4 landscape sheet of paper and then folded into a pocket
size booklet hereby preventing that unprinted/empty pages
are seen. The PocketDiary is easy to make and after 1 week
it is simply replaced with a subsequent booklet. A detailed
description is given of the system and how to set up a
production file. At the end of the article instructions
are included how to fold the booklet.
42/05.pdf (153kb)

Hans Hagen
Tagged PDF (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 15-23
42/06.pdf (511kb)

Hans Hagen
Inter-character spacing and ligatures (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 24-26
42/07.pdf (94kb)

Kees van der Laan
8th March (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 27-33
keywords: Adobe, afii, ASCII, CID, Cyrillic, EPSF, encoding vector, keyboard layout, lemniscate, minimal encapsulated PostScript, OTF, plain TeX, Photoshop, PSlib, qwerty, TeX works
abstract: An OTF with Cyrillic —- keyboard and glyphs —- is used in
PostScript for an 8th March congratulation. The wired-in
ASCII code table in TeX inhibits keyboarding Cyrillic.
42/08.pdf (581kb)

Luigi Scarso
Extending CTX with PARI/GP (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 34-42
keywords: LuaTeX, ConTeXt MARKIV, binding, PARI/GP
abstract: This paper shows how to build a binding to PARI GP, the
well known computer algebra system, for ConTeXt MKiV,
showing also some examples on how to solve some common
basic algebraic problems.
42/09.pdf (255kb)

Graham Douglas
Customised LaTeX page layout with LuaTeX (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 43-54
abstract: The relationship between LaTeX's page layout parameters
and the conventional desktop publishing (DTP) model of
a page are explored and formulae to map between them are
presented. A sample implementation of those formulae in Lua
is provided, showing how to achieve customised page layouts
in LuaTeX. The placement of crop marks is addressed, and
a technique for preparing and adding them to typeset pages
is discussed.
42/10.pdf (2969kb)

Taco Hoekwater
LuaTeX Lua modules on Linux (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 55-56
abstract: How to use the dynamic Lua module loading abilities in
LuaTeX under Linux or similar systems.
42/11.pdf (44kb)

Thomas A. Schmitz
Using ConTeXt with Databases (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 57-68
42/12.pdf (104kb)

Kees van der Laan
Gabo's Torsion (English)
MAPS 42, 2011, 69-110
keywords: 2.5D, art, AFII, ASCII, astroid, Bernstein polynomials, BoundingBox, Bézier cubic, de Casteljau algorithm, ConTEXt, cropping on-the-fly, EPSF, Gabo, hyperboloid, METAFONT, MetaPost, minimal encapsulated PostScript, plain TeX, projection, PSlib, stringed surface, TEXworks
abstract: Gabo's Torsion is emulated in EPSF, Encapsulated
PostScript File format. Gabo's constructive art,
Math, Computer Graphics and the use of PostScript are
touched upon. Whether PostScript is a suitable language
for projection and drawing 3D objects on paper is
experienced. An introduction to PostScript aimed at EPSF
use, in a nutshell, is included. How to obtain cropped
pictures along with the conversion to .pdf is mentioned. An
interesting observation is made: Bézier cubics, specified
by begin point, the control points and the end point,
are invariant under (oblique parallel) projection, which
allows to project B-cubics efficiently. The efficient
projection of (approximated) circles and ellipses has been
addressed. For the evaluation of B-cubics de Casteljau's
algorithm is used. Emulations in EPSF of Gabo's Linear
Construction in Space No 1 and 2, of one of his Spheric
Themes, and his Linear Construction Suspended, are also
included. For the MetaFont afficionados my interactive
version of old is also included.
42/13.pdf (2243kb)