Membership application form

Becoming a member? As NTG member you stay informed.

Twice a year you receive the magazine MAPS and you are invited to the biannual meetings with presentations of new developments.

An opportunity to meet developers, hear what is going on (internationally), and become inspired towards new applications.

Additionally, part of the members' contributions is used to stimulate these developments. In previous years the TeX user groups have invested a lot in the publications of new versions of TeX, fonts, and distributions. Without user groups the TeX landscape would look pretty barren.

Also members receive discounts on other TeX conferences.

Become a member by filling out the form below and transfer the membership fee as soon as you receive the welcome e-mail with invoice.

Cancelling can be done starting the next calendar year by sending an email to the NTG treasurer.

A joint NTG/TUG membership is available with a 10% discount. The yearly membership fees for 2015 are in €:

Regular members:4086
Students: 2047

Application form

name          Bilt
first name    William
initials      W.J. van der
street + no  
PO box       
zip code     
starting 1-1-
address is private address: yes no (if yes: no institute in address labels)
student membership:         yes no
joint NTG/TUG membership:   yes no


The NTG membership is valid from January 1st until December 31st of the year. It entitles you to all items (MAPS, DVDs) that NTG members receive during the year.