[NTG-ppchtex] [NTG-vtex] mailing list changes

Erik Frambach erik.frambach@stelvio.nl
Mon, 14 Oct 2002 14:56:16 +0200

Dear subscribers to ntg-xxxxx mailing lists,

There have been a few changes in the mailing list software and
The NTG mailing lists are now installed on a new server running
"mailman" instead of "majordomo". The most significant change
from a user's point of view is the easy web inferface for
subscribing, unsubscribing, accessing the archives, changing
your preferences, etc. See the web page for details:
The email addresses of the mailing lists have not changed.

If there are any problems please report them to one of the
NTG mailing lists administrators.

Erik Frambach, Jules van Weerden
NTG mailing lists administrators

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