[NTG-ppchtex] ppchtex database

Richard Müller ntg-ppchtex@ntg.nl
Sat, 28 Dec 2002 13:09:32 +0100

Hello ppchtex-users,
some years ago I started with ppchtex and suggested to create a database with 
ppchtex-structures, because in my opinion it is not very simple to write 
working ppchtex-code, especially for beginners. I set up the database 
(http://mitglied.lycos.de/ppchtex) and asked for contributions to fill it 
with content. There was only little response. Obviously it was not needed by 
the greater part of the ppchtex-community. The last update was in March, 

Since I had difficulties to draw a chlorophyll-structure with ppchtex some 
weeks ago, I changed to Isis-draw. The structures created by that program 
will be imported as EPS into a latex-document.

So I want to say good-bye to the ppchtex-database. I will not maintain it any 
longer. In case someone of you thinks it to be worth to keep it alive, please 
feel free to care for it in the future. I gladly will give you password and 
name of user for the website.

To close this letter I want to say "Thank You" to Hans Hagen and everyone else 
who has helped me with ppchtex-questions and database contributions. 

Best wished for 2003,
Richard Müller - Am Spring 9 - D-58802 Balve-Eisborn
r.mueller@oeko-sorpe.de - www.oeko-sorpe.de