[NTG-ppchtex] Errors in the documentation of PPChTeX

Ton Otten ntg-ppchtex@ntg.nl
Wed, 16 Apr 2003 11:30:11 +0200

At 10:28 AM 4/4/2003 -0800, you wrote:

>Hi! Can anyone here point me out whee to send problems with PPChTeX
>1- The FAQ (at http://www.pragma-ade.com/adeindex.htm) is still
>telling people to subscribe to the mailing list using:
>         majordomo@ntg.nl
>which is, right now, returning all e-mail sent to it, with no
>explanation. The only correct information I can find on the
>mailing-list is inside the mailing-list itself ... and by that
>time you already know where it is, this may account for the low
>traffic of the list ...

You are right. Subscription should be done via the ntg-ppchtex page
(see below).

>2- Page 2-2 of the PPCHTEX Manual (2-1 on some releases) tells
>users to load the package in LaTeX 2e using:
>         \usepackage{m-chemie}
>(line 11 in both versions of the manual availabe for download)
>and it should say:
>         \usepackage{m-ch-en}

I will note the changes and add them to the list. All we do now
on ppchtex is listing the remarks and errors and take them into
account in the next update of the manual. There is also a wishlist,
but we have no time at the moment to develop an update of ppchtex.


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