[VTeX] new VTeX/Free distribution v8.44.2

Walter Schmidt w.a.schmidt at gmx.net
Thu Feb 10 13:47:48 CET 2005

Dear VTeX users,

a new release 8.44.2 of the VTeX/Free distribution for OS/2 
and Linux is available from


and will soon propagate to the other CTAN mirors.  See also 

In the first place, this is a bug-fixing relase.  It includes
version 8.44a of the compiler for OS/2, and v8.46a for Linux,
thus fixing the bugs recently discussed here.  

Further fixes affect the shell scripts, which will no longer 
force all fonts to be processed through GeX, i.e., the option 
-ox2p has been changed to -ox2.   UTF-8 input should be working

Many macro packages, fonts and hyphenation patterns have been 
updated.   Notice particularly the PSNFSS v9.2 (including free
Palatino smallcaps and oldstyle figures), Ibycus fonts v4.5, 
Fourier fonts v1.4, and the 2004 edition of PS-Tricks.

A really new component of the distribution is a subset of the
Greek Computer Modern fonts (aka CB fonts).  It can be installed
optionally.  (This is the same thing that used to be available
from my homepage.)

Notice that the number of files in the distribution as well as
their names have changed, as compared with the previous releases.

best wishes
Walter Schmidt

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