MAPS 6 (91.1)

Gerard van Nes
MAPS 91.1 (Dutch/English), MAPS 6, 1991, 1-117
keywords: NTG, MAPS, Minutes & Appendices
abstract: NTG's magazine
maps.pdf (1243kb)
Gerard van Nes
Verslag (1991/1) (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 3-10
keywords: report, members meeting
abstract: Opening; Verslag bijeenkomst 11 mei 1990; Ingekomen stukken en Mededelingen; Stand van zaken Europese samenwerking/TUG international; Verslag/discussie werkgroepen; Verenigingszaken; Rondvraag; SGML (TeX and ...); Sluiting.
01.pdf (91kb)
TeX kalender (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 10
keywords: calendar
02.pdf (8kb)
Werkgroepen NTG (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 11-12
keywords: working group
abstract: Verslag werkgroepen.
03.pdf (14kb)
Gerard van Nes
Jaarverslag NTG 1990 (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 13-14
keywords: report NTG
04.pdf (23kb)
Johannes Braams
Financieel verslag 1990 (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 15-16
keywords: financial report
05.pdf (21kb)
Johannes Braams
Concept begroting 1991 (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 17
keywords: budget
06.pdf (19kb)
TeX-NL subscription (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 18-20
keywords: TEX-NL, mailing list
abstract: Overzicht gebruikers listserver.
07.pdf (17kb)
NTG fileserver faciliteiten (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 21-26
keywords: fileserver
abstract: Overzicht inhoud NTG fileserver.
08.pdf (27kb)
Kees van der Laan
Van de Voorzitter (1991/1) (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 27-28
keywords: chairman
abstract: TeX Nationaal en Internationaal. Oftewel: wat gebeurt er allemaal?
09.pdf (26kb)
WG 1: Education (English), MAPS 6, 1991, 29-32
keywords: working group, education
abstract: Verslag werkgroep 1: Educatie.
10.pdf (54kb)
Erik-Jan Vens, Jos Winnink
WG 4: Fonts (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 33-36
keywords: working group, fonts, METAFONT
abstract: Activiteiten van de werkgroep Fonts.
11.pdf (47kb)
Theo Jurriens
WG 6: Lijst en link met fotozetters (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 37
keywords: working group, photo typesetter, inventory
abstract: Verslag werkgroep 6.
12.pdf (15kb)
Jos Winnink, Pieter Bison
WG 7: PC-zaken; TeX voor MS/PC-DOS PC's; Verkrijgbaarheid van emTeX (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 38-40
keywords: working group, PC, MS-DOS, Atari, emTeX
abstract: Activiteiten van werkgroep 7: PC-zaken, in het byzonder de situatie met betrekking tot emTeX.
13.pdf (41kb)
Kees van der Laan
Brief aan PC werkgroep: Enige suggesties voor WG-PC's (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 41-42
keywords: working group, PC, MS-DOS
abstract: Voorgesteld wordt een praktisch set voor de PC's beschikbaar te stellen, en de educatie daar op af te stemmen.
14.pdf (27kb)
Joop van Gent
WG 8: NTG conferentie (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 43
keywords: working group, conference
15.pdf (12kb)
Kees van der Laan
WG 10: SGML-TeX: Imposing structure upon TeX (English), MAPS 6, 1991, 44-46
keywords: working group, SGML, structure
abstract: Imposing structure upon TeX.
16.pdf (42kb)
Henk Brouwer, J.A. Jager, P. Sader
Gebruik van TeX binnen het EGD (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 47
keywords: EGD, Quatro, conversion, tables
abstract: Conversie van tabellen binnen Quatro naar TeX; het gebruik van macros binnen het EGD.
17.pdf (14kb)
Leo van Geest, Marion van Geest
Gebruik van TeX en LaTeX op het CAWCS (Dutch), MAPS 6, 1991, 48-56
keywords: CAWCS
abstract: Overzicht van het gebruik van TeX op het CAWCS.
18.pdf (164kb)
Kees van der Laan
Math into BLUes (English), MAPS 6, 1991, 57-74
keywords: BLUe, math
abstract: TeXing mathscripts is not simply typing. Math has to be translated into TeX commands. First the motivation for this work is given. Next traditional math page make-up is summarized along with the macroscopic math TeX commands. After answering `Why TeXing mathscripts is difficult?' an anthology of TeX falls and their antidotes is discussed. At the end suggestions are given in order to lessen the difficulties.
19.pdf (268kb)
Johannes Braams
Babel, a multilingual style-option system for use with LaTeX's document styles (English), MAPS 6, 1991, 75-84
keywords: Babel, LaTeX, document styles, language, multilingual
abstract: The standard distribution of LaTeX contains a number of document styles that are meant to be used, but also serve as examples for other users to create their own document styles. These styles have become very popular among LaTeX. But it should be kept in mind that they were designed for American tastes and contain a number of hard-wired texts. This article describes a set of document-style options that can be used in combination with the standard styles, which makes the latter adaptable to other languages.
20.pdf (85kb)
Bobby Bodenheimer
Frequently Asked Questions (I) (English), MAPS 6, 1991, 85-92
keywords: frequently asked questions, FAQ, comp.text.tex
abstract: This article contains answers to some frequently asked questions on comp.text.tex. Please don't ask these questions again, as they've been answered many times before.
21.pdf (89kb)
Liam Quin
Summary of METAFONT Fonts Available (English), MAPS 6, 1991, 93-98
keywords: METAFONT, fonts, availability
abstract: This report includes all known fonts available in METAFONT format, whether public domain or not. Archive sites for ftp are listed where known. There is also a BITNET archive at LISTSERV@UBVM.CC.BUFFALO.EDU.
22.pdf (56kb)
Piet van Oostrum
Program text generation with TeX/LaTeX (English), MAPS 6, 1991, 99-106
keywords: program text generation
abstract: Web; Cweb; Fweb; Spiderweb; Tgrind; C2LaTeX; C++2LaTeX; Cprog/Csty macros; Program environment; SchemeTeX; Ada; Miscellaneous.
23.pdf (82kb)
Nico Poppelier
LaTeX for engineers and scientists (book review) (English), MAPS 6, 1991, 107-108
keywords: LaTeX, engineers, scientists, book review
abstract: Review of `LaTeX for engineers and scientists' by David J. Buerger.
24.pdf (32kb)
Victor Eijkhout
The structure of the TeX processor (English), MAPS 6, 1991, 109-112
keywords: TeX processor, characters, tokens, lists, expansion
abstract: In this article I will describe the TeX processor as a multi-layered engine that successively transforms characters into tokens, tokens into lists, and from these lists builds a typeset page.
25.pdf (53kb)
Nelson Beebe
Comments on the Future of TeX and METAFONT (English), MAPS 6, 1991, 113-117
keywords: future, TeX, METAFONT
26.pdf (62kb)