Gerard van Nes
MAPS 91.2 (Dutch/English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 1-135
keywords: NTG, MAPS
abstract: NTG's magazine
07/maps.pdf (1714kb)

Gerard van Nes
Verslag (1991/2) (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 3-9
keywords: report, members meeting
abstract: Opening;
Verslag bijeenkomst 20 november 1990;
Ingekomen stukken en Mededelingen;
NTG jaarvergadering;
Verslag/discussie werkgroepen;
NTG presentaties: `TeX in de praktijk';
07/01.pdf (85kb)

TeX kalender & Glossary (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 9
keywords: calendar, glossary
07/02.pdf (7kb)

Werkgroepen NTG (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 10-11
keywords: working group
abstract: Verslag werkgroepen.
07/03.pdf (11kb)

Johannes Braams
Begroting 1991 en 1992 (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 12-13
keywords: budget
07/04.pdf (23kb)

TeX-NL subscription (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 14-16
keywords: TEX-NL, mailing list
abstract: Overzicht gebruikers listserver.
07/05.pdf (17kb)

NTG fileserver faciliteiten (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 17-22
keywords: fileserver
abstract: Overzicht inhoud NTG fileserver.
07/06.pdf (28kb)

Kees van der Laan
Van de Voorzitter (1991/2) (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 23
keywords: chairman
07/07.pdf (22kb)

Kees van der Laan
NTG's continuation: The Third Year (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 24-25
keywords: NTG, continuation
abstract: An NTG year of activity parallels the Dutch academic
year: September to September. The membership
increased by roughly 40% to circa 140 members of which 25
or so are institutional members. Due to the intermediate
TeX course some financial reserve has been built up. NTG's
third year can be characterized by `continuation,' and
the embarkation upon a multi-year project.
07/08.pdf (27kb)

Kees van der Laan
WG 1: Education; Contribution to TUG-LRP report (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 26-32
keywords: working group, education, TUG-LPR
abstract: Worldwide TeX/METAFONT education is proposed with
compatible modules, such that a user can plan an education
path. A pool of teachers is proposed. How to address the
problem of qualified teachers is touched upon.
07/09.pdf (84kb)

Kees van der Laan
WG 1: Education; Review Michael Doob's A Gentle (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 33-35
keywords: book review, review
abstract: Review of Michael Doob's `A Gentle Introduction to TeX'.
07/10.pdf (44kb)

Jos Winnink
WG 7: PC-zaken; TeX voor MS/PC-DOS PC's en Atari's (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 36
keywords: working group, PC, MS-DOS, Atari
abstract: Activiteiten van werkgroep 7: PC-zaken.
07/11.pdf (21kb)

David van Leeuwen
WG 13: `Neerlandica'; The Right of ij to be a Ligature (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 37-38
keywords: Neerlandica, ij-ligature
abstract: Discussion of the right of the Dutch `ij' to be a ligature.
07/12.pdf (34kb)

Kees van der Laan
Enige Suggesties aan de Redactie van de MAPS (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 39-40
keywords: MAPS
abstract: De functie van de MAPS wordt belicht en gerelateerd aan
hoe dat te verwezenlijken. Punten aangestipt zijn:
onjuiste afbrekingen, slecht-ogende automatische
uitvullingen, en typos. Voorgestelde oplossing geen
referee-mechanisme maar duidelijk aan de auteurs geven van
wat van ze verwacht wordt plus overgaan op de nieuwere
tools. Structureel is het te late verschijnen voorkomen
vanwege het notulen-aspect: geen notulen geen vergadering.
07/13.pdf (27kb)

Piet Tutelaers
A Font and a Style for Typesetting Chess using LaTeX or TeX (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 41-46
keywords: typesetting, chess, fonts
07/14.pdf (92kb)

Kees van der Laan
Typesetting Bridge via LaTeX (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 47-50
keywords: bridge, LaTeX
abstract: LaTeX macros and a bidding environment for typesetting bridge
card distributions and bidding sequences are given. Examples
borrowed from bridge literature are supplied.
07/15.pdf (35kb)

Kees van der Laan
Typesetting Bridge via TeX (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 51-62
keywords: bridge, plain TeX
abstract: Enhanced plain TeX macros and a bidding environment for
typesetting bridge card distributions and bidding
sequences are given. As a follow-up of the LaTeX macros
given in [12]. Moreover, macros for annotated printing of the
course of the play are provided. Examples of use are included.
07/16.pdf (169kb)

Hanna Kołodziejska
Go diagrams with TeX (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 63-66
keywords: go, diagrams
abstract: Encoureged by Zalman Rubinstein, who described his chess
diagrams in TUGboat vol. 10 no. 2, I have prepared
some special fonts and TeX macros to be used in
typesetting go diagrams.
07/17.pdf (220kb)

Kees van der Laan
Towers of Hanoi, revisited (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 69-70
keywords: tower of Hanoi
abstract: Another version of TeXing of `The Towers of Hanoi'
problem is provided, which does not assume Lisp knowledge,
just plain TeX. Also some variations of use are included,
among others to remove the restriction on the disks: disk
size can be supplied by more than one digit.
07/18.pdf (24kb)

Kees van der Laan
6th European TeX Conference (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 71-75
keywords: EuroTeX, conference, Paris
  • User groups:

    CyrTUG is bound to become important. CSTUG
    prospers. HunTUG is modest. The Poles can't get organized.
    Yunus is only a list. The other five just go on.
  • Panels:

    TeX in Europe, how can we obtain better acceptance? LaTeX3:
    impressive history, no release dates of yet.
  • Presentations:

    Zlatuška's ACCENTS processor, for automatic generation of
    accented virtual fonts for European languages from English
    input fonts in the TeX font layout, looks promising.
  • Publishing houses:

    MIR is involved. Springer is active and has some user guides
    out for a pilot journal. The Czech scientific journals are
    all formatted by TeX!
  • Products:

    LAMSTeX is still going public. Very promising though,
    especially the wizards manual.
07/19.pdf (64kb)

Kees van der Laan
The TUG91 Annual Meeting (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 76-82
keywords: TUG conference
  • Education:

    David Salomon is a great teacher: insights!
    He has donated his notes to TUG for inclusion in the
    TeXniques series.
  • Publishing houses:

    The publishing houses accept (La)TeX copy. AMS leads with
    their total production formatted via TeX: 90K pages per year.
  • Interchange format:

    DVI and Encapsulated PostScript!
  • Workshops:

    Modifying manmac was great! The ways of
    encapsulating PostScript are put together by Anita Hoover.
    (see elsewhere in MAPS)
  • Products:

    LAMSTeX goes public. ArborTeXt has extended and improved
    their products. ETP, of Mimi Lafrenz, did steal the show.
07/20.pdf (84kb)

Kees van der Laan
TUG Board of Directors meeting (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 83-84
keywords: TUG conference, board-of-directors
abstract: The following are loosely formulated issues which were
agreed upon. For more preciseness the reader is referred
to the (approved) minutes.
07/21.pdf (13kb)

Kees van der Laan
Visit AMS and TUG office (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 85-86
keywords: AMS, TUG office
abstract: A report is given of the role of AMS with respect to
TeX and TUG. The TUG office is next door and the
cooperation is beneficial. A few relevant documents and
the AMS preprint styles as well as the accompanying
documentation are enumerated.
07/22.pdf (19kb)

Theo Jurriens
TeXniques in Siberia (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 87-90
keywords: Siberia, LaTeX, courses, USSR
abstract: This article summarizes the problems of giving a LaTeX
course in Siberia. It concludes with an overview concerning
the future of TeX inside the USSR.
07/23.pdf (226kb)

Alan Hoenig
An Introduction to TeX for New Users (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 91-96
keywords: introduction, new users
abstract: The purpose of this brief introduction is not to present a
tutorial into the use of TeX, but rather to introduce the
user to the whole notion of what it means to use TeX, how
TeX differs from other typesetting systems, and what the
advantages are to using TeX.
07/24.pdf (85kb)

Rein Smedinga
Hoe met LaTeX een boek kan worden gemaakt (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 97-101
keywords: LaTeX, book
abstract: Het creëren van een boek met LaTeX is geen
vanzelfsprekende bezigheid. Onderstaand het relaasvan zo'n
poging: het boek-in-wording Inleiding Informatica dat in
eerste instantie als dictaat bij het bijbehorende college
is geschreven en nu in een boekversie is aangeboden aan
Addison-Wesley. In onderstaand betoog wordt voorbij gegaan
aan het belangrijkste onderdeel van het schrijven van een
boek: het schrijven van de tekst. We zullen het hier
slechts hebben over de problemen en oplossingen voor wat
betreft de layout.
07/25.pdf (55kb)

Theo Jurriens
Ladies and LaTeX (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 102-104
keywords: LaTeX, non-scientists, simplification
abstract: This paper describes the use of LaTeX by
non-astronomers at the Kapteyn Institute. Although the
general opinion is that it is too complicated for
non-scientist, experience in Groningen proves otherwise.
If you provide good tools or styles everybody is capable
of using LaTeX. Also, the astronomers took over tricks
from the ladies, simplifying their lives, too.
07/26.pdf (34kb)

Nico Poppelier
Two Sides of the Fence (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 105-110
keywords: TUG conference, future
abstract: The purpose of this talk is to give an overview of the
four days of the twelfth annual TUG meeting; it is an
attempt to show that the different streams in the
programme of the meeting are connected, that they are part
of a whole. Also, I make some comments and observations
regarding the current status and the future of TeX, and
the future of publishing in general.
07/27.pdf (75kb)

Anita Hoover
Report on Workshop: Getting PostScript into TeX and LaTeX Documents (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 111-116
keywords: workshop, PostScript
07/28.pdf (62kb)

Nelson Beebe
The TUGLIB Server (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 117-123
keywords: TUGLIB, FTP, mail, internet
abstract: Scores of sites on the worldwide Internet now provide
access to assorted collections of software relating to
TeX and METAFONT. In many cases, these are accessible
only via the Internet mechanism known as anonymous ftp, a
scheme that permits logins from unknown users, usually on
other machines, with very restricted access. The name ftp
is an acronym for file transfer protocol. To improve the
access to the TeX archives and other software at Utah, I
have installed `tuglib'. This server provides a means
whereby remote users can send electronic mail messages
containing service requests to a daemon program. The
daemon parses the requests, logs them, and responds to
07/29.pdf (76kb)

Victor Eijkhout, Ron Sommeling
Self-replicating macros (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 124
keywords: macros, self-replication
07/30.pdf (14kb)

Victor Eijkhout
New books on TeX (2) (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 125-126
keywords: new books, book review
abstract: Review of `A Beginner's Book of TeX' (Kopka/Levy).
07/31.pdf (26kb)

Kees van der Laan
Impression INRSTeX, and some more (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 127-129
keywords: INRSTeX
abstract: The work of Michael Fergusson on INRSTeX is discussed,
Michael's comments on the review are included.
07/32.pdf (38kb)

Ralph Youngen
AMSTeX (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 130
keywords: AMSTeX
07/33.pdf (21kb)

Michael Spivak
LAMSTeX (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 131
keywords: LAMSTeX
07/34.pdf (21kb)

Yannis Haralambous
ScholarTeX (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 132
keywords: ScholarTeX
abstract: ScholarTeX is a collection of fonts, macros, preprocessor,
hyphenation patterns, other related software and a 150-pages
manual with many illustrations, exemples, exercises and mottos.
It's purpose is to allow the use of TeX in the following
languages: Greek, Epigraphical Greek, Armenian, Arabic, Hebrew,
Syriac, Saxon, Old German, Phonetic Alphabet.
07/35.pdf (21kb)

TUGboat, Table of Contents (English)
MAPS 7, 1991, 133-135
keywords: TUGboat, contents
abstract: Table of contents of TUGboat Volume 12.1 and 12.2.
07/36.pdf (31kb)

David Salomon
`Insights in TeX' course (1) (Dutch)
MAPS 7, 1991, 135
keywords: courses, insights
abstract: This course, with no hands-on, is aimed at TeX and
LaTeX users who are ready for to acquire more insights
into the TeXnigma. For those who are still working at
the `book' level an extra one-day introductory course can
be organized if need for that is large enough.
07/37.pdf (18kb)