Wybo Dekker
MAPS 2005.2 (English/Dutch)
MAPS 33, 2005, 1-78
keywords: NTG, MAPS
abstract: NTG's magazine
33/maps.pdf (1909kb)

Wybo Dekker
Redactioneel (Dutch)
MAPS 33, 2005, 1
33/01.pdf (114kb)

Maarten Sneep
Wachten op een Ca-tas-tro-fe (Dutch)
MAPS 33, 2005, 2-3
keywords: spelling, afbreken, patronen
33/02.pdf (130kb)

Dennis van Dok
Jewel case listings for mp3 cdroms (English)
MAPS 33, 2005, 4-13
keywords: mp3, jewel case, paragraph filling, grip, ripping, audio
abstract: Making jewel case listings for mp3 cdroms is a particular
challenge, since up to about ten times as much information
has to be on them as on jewel cases for regular audio
disks. Here TeX's abilities to adjust entire paragraphs,
as opposed to just single lines, shine at you.
33/03.pdf (326kb)

Siep Kroonenberg
Font installation the shallow way (English)
MAPS 33, 2005, 14-18
keywords: font installation, afm2pl, afm2tfm, TrueType, pdftex, mapfiles
abstract: For one-off projects, you can cut corners with font
installation and end up with a more manageable set of
files and a cleaner TeX installation. This article shows
how and why.
33/04.pdf (333kb)

Idris Samawi Hamid
Installing Expert Fonts: Minion Pro (English)
MAPS 33, 2005, 19-35
keywords: font installation, ConTeXt, expert font
abstract: Installing fonts for ConTeXt can be intimidating
business. In this issue we take on a real monster:
a collection of Adobe Minion Pro expert fonts. We
hope our installation of this collection will provide
an illustrative example for ConTeXt users, and help to
ease the pain of installing new fonts (if you can install
Minion Pro, Myriad Pro and Poetica, you can install just
about anything!).
33/05.pdf (323kb)

Hans Hagen
Hyphenation Patterns (English)
MAPS 33, 2005, 36-40
keywords: hyphenation, patterns, ConTeXt
33/06.pdf (146kb)

Taco Hoekwater
What do you do with ConTeXt? (English)
MAPS 33, 2005, 41-45
keywords: ConTeXt, survey, usage
abstract: User responses to the question: `What do you do with
33/07.pdf (124kb)

Piet van Oostrum
Een uittreksel uit de recente bijdragen in het CTAN archief (Dutch)
MAPS 33, 2005, 46-51
keywords: classes, CTAN, packages, LaTeX, ConTeXt, graphics, programma's, TeX
abstract: Dit artikel beschrijft een aantal recente bijdragen uit het
CTAN archief (en mogelijk andere bronnen op het Internet).
De selectie is gebaseerd op wat ik zelf interessant vind en
wat ik denk dat voor veel anderen interessant is. Het is
dus een persoonlijke keuze. Het heeft niet de bedoeling
om een volledig overzicht te geven. De uitgebreidere
bijdragen zijn ook geen handleidingen. Beschouw het maar
als een soort menukaart die de bedoeling heeft om de lezer
lekker te maken.
33/08.pdf (511kb)

Jan van de Craats
Color separation in two-color printing (English)
MAPS 33, 2005, 52-53
keywords: color, separation, printing
abstract: The book Basisboek wiskunde (`Basic Mathematics') by
Jan van de Craats and Rob Bosch was typeset in LaTeX and
submitted for printing as one big pdf-file. In this book
one extra color (blue) was used for titles, headings,
footings, important formulas, figures and also as a
background color for certain pages or parts of text. Jan
van de Craats, who did the typesetting, reports on a trick
for obtaining color separation without flaws.
33/09.pdf (186kb)

Henri Adriaens, Chris Ellison
Powerdot — making presentations with LaTeX (English)
MAPS 33, 2005, 54-58
keywords: LaTeX presentations, powerdot, prosper, pstricks, xkeyval
abstract: This article describes some technical details of the
powerdot class which was developed during the summer
holidays of 2005.
33/10.pdf (278kb)

Siep Kroonenberg
Managing a network TeX installation under Windows (English)
MAPS 33, 2005, 59-64
keywords: miktex, texniccenter, filename database, windows, registry, roaming profiles, graphic file formats
33/11.pdf (342kb)

Ovidiu Gheorghies
An Introduction to MetaUML — Exquisite UML Diagrams in MetaPost (English)
MAPS 33, 2005, 65-78
keywords: MetaPost, TeX, LaTeX, UML, class diagram, state machine diagram, use case diagram, activity diagram
abstract: MetaUML is a GNU GPL MetaPost library for typesetting
exquisite UML (Unified Modeling Language) diagrams. MetaUML
offers a highly customizable, object-oriented API,
designed with the ease of use in mind. This paper presents
usage examples as well as a description of MetaUML
infrastructure. This infrastructure may prove useful for
general MetaPost typesetting, providing object-oriented
replacements and enhancements to functionalities offered
by the boxes package.
33/12.pdf (315kb)