MAPS 47 (2017.1)

Complete edition: maps.pdf (24294kB, 57 pages)
Michael Guravage
Redactioneel (English), MAPS 47, 2017, 1-2
01.pdf (34kB)
Kai Eigner
Using HarfBuzz as OpenType engine in LuaTeX (English), MAPS 47, 2017, 3-8
02.pdf (99kB)
Frans Absil
Music document publishing with LaTeX (English), MAPS 47, 2017, 9-20
abstract: This article presents an overview of how to create various document types about music, such as articles, e-books and web presentations. It discusses the workflow, the set-up of a specific typesetting environment with definitions, tools and additional software.
03.pdf (843kB)
Hans van der Meer
Block line-up (English), MAPS 47, 2017, 21-28
keywords: combinations, line-up, placement of blocks
abstract: Described is a module for the placement of items either on the same horizontal line or on top of each other. Alignment and separation of the items can be varied in horizontal and vertical direction as required. Titles can be added and their location, style and color specified.
04.pdf (73kB)
Hans van der Meer
Take Notes (English), MAPS 47, 2017, 29-32
abstract: Module for processing notes. Notes are classified according to categorie and contain information about subject, date of intake, etc. The presentation of notes can be filtered according to several criteria.
05.pdf (59kB)
Frans Goddijn
Profiling Coffee / the hidden formula (English), MAPS 47, 2017, 33-44
06.pdf (9463kB)
W. Egger
Violin making (English), MAPS 47, 2017, 45-57
abstract: Woodworking is one of my passions. The project of making my own violin is some kind of crown to the whole development. Throughout the violin making lessons notes were made, sketches drawn and photos taken. At home all sketches were turned into drawings. All information is put together in a ConTeXt project from which it is possible to compile/typeset a book. This article describes the setup of the book in ConTeXt, shows the functioning of some macros and presents two chapters of the book.
07.pdf (13696kB)