Maps redactie
MAPS 48, 2018, 1-84
maps.pdf (1974kb)
NTG's magazine

Maps redactie
Redactioneel [Editorial] (Dutch)
MAPS 48, 2018, 1-2
01.pdf (20kb)

Karl Berry, editor
The TeX Live Guide — 2018 (English)
MAPS 48, 2018, 3-45
02.pdf (851kb)

Hans Hagen
Executing TeX (English)
MAPS 48, 2018, 46-50
03.pdf (50kb)
Much of the LUA code in CONTEXT originates from experiments. When it survives in the source code it is probably used, waiting to be used or kept for educational purposes. The functionality that we describe here has already been present for a while in CONTEXT, but improved a little starting with LUATEX\ 1.08 due to an extra helper. The code shown here is generic and not used in CONTEXT as such.

Hans Hagen
Variable fonts (English)
MAPS 48, 2018, 51-58
04.pdf (196kb)

Bogusław Jackowski, Piotr Pianowski & Piotr Strzelczyk
TeX Gyre text fonts revisited (English)
MAPS 48, 2018, 59-65
05.pdf (589kb)

Siep Kroonenberg
TLaunch, the TeXLive Launcher (English)
MAPS 48, 2018, 66-69
06.pdf (402kb)
The TeXLive Launcher offers Windows users of a network TeXLive installation similar conveniences as a locally-installed TeXLive. It is easy to integrate additional TeX-related software.\endgraf This paper describes the launcher and its configuration. As an example, it shows how it is used at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

Norbert Preining
updmap and fmtutil—past and future changes (English)
MAPS 48, 2018, 70-75
07.pdf (423kb)
This article serves first as an introduction to two of the central utility programs in any TeXLive installation, \updmap and \fmtutil, describing the general functionality as well as the syntax of the configuration files. In addition, we report on changes that we have carried out over the last few years relating to the operation mode. These changes include switching to multiple configuration files, and the user-mode versus system-mode changes to be introduced in TeXLive 2017. Last but not least, we close with a list of best practices to help guide users.

Privacybeleid — Nederlandstalige TeX Gebruikersgroup [Privacy Policy — Dutch TeX User Group] (English)
MAPS 48, 2018, 77-80
08.pdf (37kb)