Gerard van Nes
MAPS 1994.1 (Dutch/English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 1-177
maps.pdf (2821kb)
NTG's magazine

Jos Winnink
Verslag (1994/1) (Dutch)
MAPS 12, 1994, 1-5
01.pdf (70kb)
report, members meeting
Opening 12e NTG bijeenkomst 18 november 1993; Verslag NTG bijeenkomst van 10 juni 1993; Ingekomen stukken en Mededelingen; Begroting 1994; Wat verder ter tafel komt; LaTeX3; MAPS; Verslag bijeenkomsten; Verslag werkgroepen; Rondvraag; Voordrachten: `(La)TeX gebruikersomgeving'; Volgende bijeenkomsten; Sluiting

Het weten waard (Dutch)
MAPS 12, 1994, 6-7
02.pdf (37kb)

Kees van der Laan
Van de Voorzitter (1994/1) (Dutch)
MAPS 12, 1994, 8-10
03.pdf (53kb)

Gerard van Nes
Van uw MAPS Editor (1994/1) (Dutch)
MAPS 12, 1994, 11-12
04.pdf (38kb)

Gerard van Nes
Jaarverslag NTG 1993 (Dutch)
MAPS 12, 1994, 13-14
05.pdf (36kb)
report NTG

Johannes Braams
Financieel verslag NTG 1993 (Dutch)
MAPS 12, 1994, 15-16
06.pdf (32kb)
financial report

Jos Winnink
Use of TeX and LaTeX within the NTG community (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 17-18
07.pdf (25kb)
TeX, LaTeX, LaTeX3
At the 1993 spring meeting of the Dutch TeX User Group (NTG) the NTG Board was asked to find out in what way TeX and LaTeX is used by its members. Main motivation for this question was to find out how important funding of the LaTeX-3 project for the members of NTG is. Therefore it was necessary to have insight in the use of TeX and related products/macro packages. It was decided that the board should held a inquiry among the members and if possible present the results at the fall 1993 meeting. This article describes the results of the survey.

Erik Frambach
The making of the 4allTeX CD-ROM (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 19-21
08.pdf (67kb)
CDROM, 4allTeX, 4TeX, ISO9660
In about one half year the world's first turn-key TeX system on CD-ROM was produced. It contains the ms-dos TeX workbench 4TeX version 3.20 in perhaps the largest form ever, plus many TeX sources that are valuable to any TeX user. In this article we present a look behind the scenes, so you get some insight in the course of events that mark the production of NTG's first CD-ROM.

Frans Goddijn, Henk de Haan
FGBBS: de jonge jarige (Dutch)
MAPS 12, 1994, 22-24
09.pdf (31kb)
FGBBS, bulletin board, Fidonet, internet, 4allTeX, LittleComm, CDROM
Stonden de eerste zes maanden van het FGBBS in het teken van onafgebroken uitbreiding van file- en berichtengebieden en het telkens vergroten van de beoogde gebruikersvriendelijkheid, het afgelopen halfjaar hebben we met succes gestreefd naar stabilisatie van het systeem, overigens zonder de actualiteit uit het oog te verliezen.

Wietse Dol
4TeX 3.20 a technical note (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 25-26
10.pdf (25kb)
With the release of the CD-ROM there will also be a new release of the 4TeX workbench (version 3.20). In this note I will try and explain what will be different from the earlier versions (e.g. installed with 4allTeX).

Wietse Dol
Frequently Asked Questions about 4TeX (2) (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 27-30
11.pdf (47kb)

Robert Best
TeX zonder omhaal; voor Atari ST en andere PC's (III) (Dutch)
MAPS 12, 1994, 31-33
12.pdf (100kb)
TeXDraw, MIDITeX, MusicTeX, BigTeX, MakeIndex
TeXDraw wordt getest. Veel Atari ST's worden gebruikt om electronisch muziek te maken, op te nemen (MIDI) en af te drukken in muziekschrift. Dat afdrukken kan ook met TeX. Uitbreidingen van TeX zoals LaTeX, TeXsis en MusicTeX maken het zetwerk makkelijker en mooier, maar TeX heeft ook meer werkruimte nodig. We maken een BigTeX en een trefwoordenregister voor een lange tekst. Deze cursus is een herdruk van een serie artikelen uit het blad ST, uitgegeven door Stichting ST. Daar zijn de in de tekst genoemde schijfjes te verkrijgen.

Mark van Veen
TeX zonder omhaal; voor Atari ST en andere PC's (IV) (Dutch)
MAPS 12, 1994, 34-36
13.pdf (37kb)
Deze keer gaat het over een recent uitgekomen macro-pakket, dat LaTeX2e heet. Dit pakket vormt een krachtige set macro's, waarmee je zonder al te veel van TeX af te weten goed uitziende teksten kan produceren. Deze cursus is een herdruk van een serie artikelen uit het blad ST, uitgegeven door Stichting ST. Daar zijn de in de tekst genoemde schijfjes te verkrijgen.

Michel Goossens
LaTeX2e, an overview (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 37-46
14.pdf (145kb)
This article gives an overview of the new or extended user commands available with LaTeX2e, the new LaTeX release, compared to the previous version LaTeX 2.09. After introducing the newpreamble commands, the extensions for defining new commands and environments, and handling length and boxes are discussed. The new font selection commands are explained, both for text and math, and it is shown how to easily use different font families. A list of supported class and package files is given and new possibilities for controlling page contents and floats are discussed. Most of this material is described in much greater detail in `The LaTeX Companion' and in the second edition of the LaTeX Reference Manual.

Johannes Braams
Standard Document Classes and Packages (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 47-49
15.pdf (47kb)
This article describes the Document Classes and Packages that are availabel or will be available shortly for use with LaTeX2e . The number of available Packages and Classes will obviously change once LaTeX2e is the `official' LaTeX.

Johannes Braams
Upgrading old styles (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 50-52
16.pdf (51kb)
This article deals with the things you have to look for when upgrading and old .sty file for LaTeX2e , turning it into either a Document Class or a Package.

Sebastian Rahtz
A brief guide to TeX assistants (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 53-57
17.pdf (359kb)
This paper offers a `back to basics' overview of the various types of software which are of assistance to the TeXnical writer on a personal computer (this includes Unix machines, but excludes, for instance, VMS or VM/CMS systems). It is based on a presentation to the October UK-TUG meeting, and I am grateful to the other speakers, and our chairman Allan Reese, for insights and news. I would also like to refer readers to the Dutch TeX Group's journal MAPS, whose issue 93.2 contains a variety of useful papers on TeX interfaces, two of which are reproduced in Baskerville Volume 3.2 (December 1993).

Alan Jeffrey
Building virtual fonts with `fontinst' (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 58-59
18.pdf (32kb)
This document gives a brief overview of the fontinst package. The fontinst package is used to build virtual fonts (VFs) which allow PostScript fonts to be used as drop-in replacements for the Computer Modern fonts in TeX. Below, I'll describe VFs briefly, and describe how they can be built using the fontinst package.

Nikos Drakos
TeX to Hypertext Conversion with LaTeX2HTML (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 60-62
19.pdf (82kb)
LaTeX2HTML is a conversion tool that allows existing documents written in LaTeX to become part of a global multimedia system. This paper presents some of the reasons for using such a system and describes the basic conversion process.

Michel Goossens, Sebastian Rahtz
Colour slides with LaTeX and `seminar.sty' (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 63-68
20.pdf (200kb)

Norman Walsh
Making TeX work (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 69-91
21.pdf (550kb)
book, table of contents, abstract, preface, book review, review
This article contains the Table of Contents, Preface, and Chapter 4 of `Making TeX Work' by Norman Walsh; published by O'Reilly and Associates (ISBN 1-56592-051-1). No effort has been made to preserve the `look and feel' of the book in this text, and some simplifications have been performed (particularly with respect to special formatting issues and package names).

Paul Thompson
Review of `Making TeX work' (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 92
22.pdf (15kb)
book review, review
This is a review of the book `Making TeX Work' by Norman Walsch

Dimitrios Filippou
Typesetting Greek texts by TeX and LaTeX (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 93-96
23.pdf (49kb)
TeX, LaTeX, Greek, fonts, packages, freeware, commercial
This paper contains some information on whatever exists for typesetting by TeX documents which contain entirely or in part Greek text. Those who would like to typeset Greek texts not by plain TeX, but rather with LaTeX, may find this short article quite useful as well.

Angelika Binding
Springer authors do it with TeX (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 97-99
24.pdf (33kb)

Hans Hagen
TeX-verwerking bij PRAGMA (Dutch)
MAPS 12, 1994, 100-102
25.pdf (62kb)
use of TeX, practice
PRAGMA uses TeX for producing educational texts. To facilitate development of educational materials, a dedicated macro package has been developed as well as a full featured TeX(t) editing environment.

Hans Hagen
Computerondersteund tekstgebruik (Dutch)
MAPS 12, 1994, 103-105
26.pdf (44kb)

Siep Kroonenberg
Data publishing (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 106-107
27.pdf (28kb)
databases, spreadsheet, tables
This paper demonstrates how commercial software and LaTeX can work together in data publishing.

Siep Kroonenberg
Table design (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 108-110
28.pdf (52kb)
tables design, rules, whitespace, fonts, alignment, justification
A critical look at table typesetting as practiced by LaTeX users, with before-and-after examples.

Kees van der Laan
BLUe's Transparencies (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 111-114
29.pdf (59kb)
foils, formatting, generic style, slides, transparencies
TeX macros for formatting transparencies are provided. The macros have been designed with reusability of earlier formatted document parts in mind, with a wink to maintenance of the tranparency set.

Kees van der Laan
BLUe's Bibliography (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 115
30.pdf (22kb)
literature database, bibliography, plain TeX
In addition to the earlier method of maintaining a database in TeX, it is shown how to load the entries selectively, without modifying the entries of the database.

Kees van der Laan
BLUe's Verbatim (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 116-118
31.pdf (40kb)
escape character, formatting, generic style, semi-transparent, verbatim
A suite of macros for verbatim mode is provided, which are simple, concise and flexible. The functionalities are: verbatim text, and file verbatim inclusion, with `options' for numbering and enabling of metacode. Options can be supplied via the toks variable \thisverbatim, and globally via \everyverbatim. The place within context can be handled via the defs \preverbatim and \postverbatim. The macros are context independent and can be used at the inner level with AnyTeX.

Kees van der Laan
TUGboat BLUes (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 119-150
32.pdf (361kb)
block comment, computer-assisted typography, EuroTeX, LaTeX, markup, optional parameters, preprints, publisher formats, TTN, TUGboat, multi-columns, verbatim
The significance of TUGboat for the TeX community at large is praised. (l)tugboat.sty, tugboat.cmn and the TUG authors' guide are discussed, next to their siblings (l)tugproc.sty and the option euroTeX.sty. Article templates for the various `styles as is' are provided. Independent and in addition to these I included customing files. Also included is my concrete proposal for a tug.ppt style-for preprints of tugboat.sty, and tugproc.sty, in the spirit of ams.ppt. Furthermore, a new and simple alternative to the handling of options for TeX is proposed, based on the toks variable \this<foo>, analogous to \every<foo>. This is applied to handling verbatims, with as a result a compact suite of verbatim macros to be used with AnyTeX.

Nico Poppelier
Book review: `Practical SGML' & `Math into TeX' (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 151-152
33.pdf (27kb)
book review, SGML
Two new books are discussed: `Practical SGML' from Eric Herwijnen, and `math into TeX, a simple introduction to AMS-LaTeX' from George Grätzer.

Donald Arseneau, Raymond Chen, Victor Eijkhout
The TeX Hierarchy (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 153-154
34.pdf (31kb)
For the UNIX operating system, a list of characterizations exists describing what constitutes a novice, a user, a guru, ... Here we give a similar list for users of TeX. The reader is kindly asked to take this purely in a humorous vein.

Sebastian Rahtz
Obtaining TeX (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 155-156
35.pdf (24kb)
CTAN, FTP, archives
The UKTeX Archive (Internet `Daughter' archive) on is part of a collaborating network of archives organised by the TeX Users Group known as CTAN (Comprehensive TeX Archive Network). The three main archives now follow the same structure and have identical files (, and

Leslie Lamport, LaTeX3 project team
LaTeX2e — Second Test Release (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 157-158
36.pdf (28kb)
The second test release of LaTeX is now available. Notes about this release are at the end of this announcement. The first release revealed a few serious bugs and several other areas which need attention. Many people reported that documents and style files had been processed by the new system without serious problems; this includes one very important test — the original text of `The LaTeX Manual'! We can also report that this release has been tested with all the files in the LaTeX 2.09 test suite and produces only predictable differences in the output.

David Thomas
Literate Programming Frequently Asked Questions (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 159-164
37.pdf (61kb)
This document is for new and experienced users of literate programming tools. The purpose is to explain the concept of literate programming and to provide a resource for locating files of interest to literate programmers and those interested in literate programming.

Kees van der Laan
Report BachoTeX'94 (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 165-166
38.pdf (33kb)
BachoTeX, trip report, music, book design, BLUe introduction
Education was about:
  • survey of TeX,
  • Polish typographical tradition,
  • LaTeX2e,
  • LaMeX2e,
  • Indexing and bibliography making,
  • dvips use and so on,
  • fonts with TeX and PostScript,
The contributions to the conference were about:
  • emerging GUST archive,
  • LaTeX and Polish,
  • AmSLaTeX.
Phil Taylor had the stage when talking in full colour about book design. Kees van der Laan talked about Manmac, and his BLUe system.

Kees van der Laan
Report NTeX'94 (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 167
39.pdf (26kb)
Nordic TUG, NTUG annual meeting
The meeting of the Nordic countries was attended. Few people did show up because of the distance. Issues at stake were:
  • hyphenation patterns for Norwegian,
  • how to create your own documentsstyle,
  • TUGboat blues.

Announcement TUG '94 (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 168-169
40.pdf (29kb)
TUG conference, Santa Barbara
Announcement of TUG '94 conference.

Announcement EuroTeX'94 (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 170
41.pdf (16kb)
EuroTeX, conference, announcement, Gdansk
Announcement of EuroTeX'94 conference.

Erik Frambach, Wietse Dol
Announcement 4allTeX CD-ROM (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 171-174
42.pdf (37kb)
announcement, 4TeX, 4allTeX, CDROM
Announcement of NTG's 4allTeX cd-rom

Erik Frambach, Wietse Dol
Cursusaankondiging 4TeX (Dutch)
MAPS 12, 1994, 175
43.pdf (16kb)
courses, 4TeX
Aankondiging 4TeX cursus

Table of Contents TUGboat (English)
MAPS 12, 1994, 176-177
44.pdf (28kb)
TUGboat, contents
Table of contents of TUGboat Volume 14.4, and 15.1.