Taco Hoekwater
MAPS 1998.2 (Dutch/English)
MAPS 21, 1998, 1-84
maps.pdf (3430kb)
NTG's magazine

Maarten Gelderman
Verslag 21ste ledenvergadering NTG (Dutch)
MAPS 21, 1998, 1
01.pdf (62kb)
Opening; Notulen 20ste bijeenkomst; Verslag van de secretaris; Verslag penningmeester en kascontrolecommissie; Bestuursverkiezingen; Erelidmaadschap.

Erik Frambach
Van de Voorzitter (1998/2) (Dutch)
MAPS 21, 1998, 2
02.pdf (63kb)

Siep Kroonenberg, Taco Hoekwater
Redactioneel (1998/2) (Dutch)
MAPS 21, 1998, 3
03.pdf (63kb)

Het Weten Waard (Dutch)
MAPS 21, 1998, 4
04.pdf (122kb)

Maarten Gelderman
Verslag 21ste bijeenkomst NTG (Dutch)
MAPS 21, 1998, 5-6
05.pdf (87kb)

Jules van Weerden
De NTG en het Internet (1998/2) (Dutch)
MAPS 21, 1998, 7-8
06.pdf (109kb)
discussionlist, TEX-NL
De NTG is niet alleen met webpagina's op het Internet aanwezig, maar ook middels een aantal discussielijsten. In dit artikel wordt kort aangegeven wat een discussielijst is, hoe je je aan- en afmeldt en wat je te wachten staat na aanmelding. Tevens wordt een overzicht gegeven van de in Nederland aanwezige TeX-gerelateerde lijsten.

Erik Frambach
TeX User Groups around the world (English)
MAPS 21, 1998, 9-12
07.pdf (316kb)
TeX user groups, addresses

NTG TeX Future working group
TeX in 2003: Part I (English)
MAPS 21, 1998, 13-19
08.pdf (176kb)
TeX, future, proposals
Propositions and conjectures on the future of TeX. This article was presented at TUG'98 in Torun, Poland.

NTG TeX Future working group
TeX in 2003: Part II (English)
MAPS 21, 1998, 20-27
09.pdf (175kb)
TeX, future, proposals, \special, standard
Proposal for a \special standard. This article was presented at TUG'98 in Torun, Poland.

Maarten Gelderman
Toolbox: let's keep things plain (English)
MAPS 21, 1998, 28-30
10.pdf (160kb)
plain TeX, LaTeX, integrating, toolbox
This Toolbox follows the eclectic approach that most readers will know from previous ones. Without aiming to give a comprehensive oversight of the logic behind them, I present some plain TeX-commands that can be used directly in LaTeX. As the editors of this journal decided to make English the preferred language for contributions, this column is no longer in Dutch. However, as far as my limited command of the language allows, I will try to keep the tone informal and the discussion accessible to novice users.

Kaveh Bazargan, Philip Taylor
The 19th annual TeX Users Group Meeting (English)
MAPS 21, 1998, 31-34
11.pdf (128kb)
TUG conference, Torun, Poland
The 19th annual TeX Users Group Meeting took place in Torun, Poland, in August of this year. The following is the impression of the authors who tried to attend all the talks. Unfortunately a couple of the talks were not attended by either of the authors. Apologies to those authors.

Kees van der Laan
Parameterized data for tables in TeX — Dynamics, aha! (English)
MAPS 21, 1998, 35-39
12.pdf (210kb)
BLUe, btable, code tables, data generation, dynamical markup, parameterization, tables, tail recursion
The issue of generating and using parameterized data for tables in TeX is elaborated upon. The automatic insertion of markup along with the use of parameterized markup and the \btable macro is not the issue, but are prerequisites. \btable's use, along with the automatic insertion of markup in the data as such, can be seen as tools, stepping stones, which made it possible to concentrate on pure data generation, or its use in typesetting tables by TeX.

Kees van der Laan
Poor man's cyrillics on a Mac — TeXing English and Russian (English)
MAPS 21, 1998, 40-41
13.pdf (126kb)
cyrillics, MIME, Macintosh, pdfTeX
The typesetting in TeX of English mixed with Russian is discussed for a Macintosh. Starting from the WNCY-fonts only a few extra control sequences have to be remembered for the keyboarding. The approach is suitable for all machines which have the WNCY-fonts. Email in cyrillics can be handled by formating via pdfTeX and sending the .pdf file as attachment in a MIME message.

Kees van der Laan
Minimal markup — expansion in the gullet, aha! (English)
MAPS 21, 1998, 42-48
14.pdf (211kb)
BLUe, crosswords, expansion, fifo, look ahead, minimal markup, mouth processing, preprocessing, tables, tail recursion
A plea is made for a reappraisal of TeX's capabilities of expansion in the gullet of minimal marked up scripts into complete marked up scripts. Attention is focused on expansion of implicitly marked up table data by spaces and e-o-l-s into data separated by \cs and \rs, the abstract but explicit column and row separators, respectively. The ultimate aim is that the processing tool can't be distilled from the `marked up' script.

Kees van der Laan
Catching up — PDF and HTML at the heart (English)
MAPS 21, 1998, 49-52
15.pdf (153kb)
internet, HTML, multi-media, PDF, pdfTeX, PostScript, WWW
New hardware not only urged me to get TeX & Co running again, in a richer environment, but I had also to catch up with developments since. Most noteworthy in relation with TeX and documents, are the acceptance of the PDF exchange format and the HTML format, next to the realization of multi-media.

Ton Otten, Hans Hagen
Eenheid in eenheden (ne)
MAPS 21, 1998, 53-60
16.pdf (166kb)
SI-units, units, ConTeXt
In order to support a consistent typography of units in technical documents the ConTeXt module units was developed. When this module is loaded all SI-units are available. Seldom used and/or complex units can be defined by the user with the command \unit[]{}{}.

Sebastian Rahtz
The TeX backend for Jade and the JadeTeX macros (English)
MAPS 21, 1998, 61-69
17.pdf (415kb)
jade, jadetex, dsssl
Jade is an implementation of the DSSSL specification, and includes a TeX backend; the JadeTeX macro package is needed to process the Jade TeX output. We describe how Jade and JadeTeX work together. This article was written for the newsletter of the International SGML Users Group.

Thierry Bouche
Diversity in math fonts (English)
MAPS 21, 1998, 70-84
18.pdf (1013kb)
math fonts, fontinst, MathTime, Lucida, mathptm, virtual fonts, math fonts, LaTeX
We will examine the issues raised when modifying (La)TeX fonts within math environments, and attempt to suggest effective means of accessing a larger variety of font options, while avoiding typographic nonsense.