Wybo Dekker
MAPS 2003.1 (English/Dutch)
MAPS 29, 2003, 1-161
keywords: NTG, MAPS
abstract: NTG's magazine
29/maps.pdf (6080kb)

Wybo Dekker
Redactioneel (Dutch)
MAPS 29, 2003, 1
29/01.pdf (75kb)

Frans Goddijn
32e NTG-bijeenkomst (Dutch)
MAPS 29, 2003, 2-5
29/02.pdf (544kb)

Erik Frambach
TeX user groups worldwide - what's cooking? (English)
MAPS 29, 2003, 6-9
keywords: history, volunteer work, problems, lugs, TeX user groups
abstract: This article is based on a presentation given at the UK
TUG meeting in Oxford in October 2002. It describes some
current problems that TeX user groups face and it attempts
to distill lessons learned and recommendations from almost
25 years of TeX user groups history.
29/03.pdf (79kb)

Koen Wybo
LaTeX: een newbie-ervaring (Dutch)
MAPS 29, 2003, 10-14
abstract: Hoe ik een LaTeX-adept werd; argumentatie pro LaTeX en
contra zijn grafische concurrenten: Word en OpenOffice.
29/04.pdf (116kb)

Kees van der Laan
BachoTeX 2003 — as of old, and some more (Dutch)
MAPS 29, 2003, 15-23
keywords: BachoTeX2003, GUST, Poland
abstract: A (partial) report of GUST's 11th meeting at Bachotek,
Poland is given. It is incomplete because I could not
understand most of the Polish contributions and I skipped
the LaTeX day. It reflects just of one of the threads
through BachoTeX03's life. A question is raised: can the
TeX-world follow with pdfTeX the evolving PDF standard?
29/05.pdf (169kb)

Wybo Dekker
Toolbox (English)
MAPS 29, 2003, 24-25
keywords: index, rules, tooltips, uitvullen
abstract: Nieuwe avonturen in TeX-land.
29/06.pdf (84kb)

Simon Pepping
Docbook In ConTeXt — a ConTeXt XML mapping for DocBook documents (English)
MAPS 29, 2003, 26-37
abstract: Docbook In ConTeXt combines two technologies that are
widely used by authors of technical literature: the Docbook
DTD and the ConTeXt macro package for TeX. It is a ConTeXt
module that allows one to produce a typeset version of a
Docbook XML file, in dvi or pdf format.
29/07.pdf (118kb)

Sjouke Mauw, Victor Bos
Drawing Message Sequence Charts with LaTeX (English)
MAPS 29, 2003, 38-43
abstract: The MSC macro package facilitates LaTeX users to easily
include Message Sequence Charts in their texts. This
article describes the motivation for developing the MSC
macro package, the features of the MSC macro package,
and the design of the MSC macro package.
29/08.pdf (95kb)

Roland Smith
Labels voor gevaarlijke stoffen met LaTeX (Dutch)
MAPS 29, 2003, 44-49
keywords: gevaarlijke stoffen, labels, 67/548/EEC, LaTeX
abstract: Volgens Europese regelgeving (67/548/EEC) is men verplicht
om verpakkingen voor gevaarlijke stoffen te voorzien
van labels die bepaalde informatie moeten bevatten. Met
behulp van het labels package en een aantal in postscript
geschreven pictogrammen is het mogelijk deze labels zelf
te maken.
29/09.pdf (154kb)

Karel H Wesseling
Aligning MetaPost graphs in ConTeXt combinations (English)
MAPS 29, 2003, 50-52
abstract: For scientific plotting I like to use the Graph package
by John Hobby within Context and when I have two or more
separate graphs made I combine them into one figure with
one figure caption. Combining is easy but aligning the
graphs in a pleasing way required a trick.
29/10.pdf (86kb)

Willi Egger
Drawing a type-case in ConTeXt (English)
MAPS 29, 2003, 53-59
abstract: There are different environments with which one can
typeset tables; all of them have their advantages
and disadvantages. One of the recent problems I had
to solve was to draw a typesetter's type-case from the
lead-typesetting era. Since it looks like a table, I built
the drawing in the \bTABLE . . . \eTABLE environment.
29/11.pdf (125kb)

Siep Kroonenberg
Optisch uitvullen in de Maps (Dutch)
MAPS 29, 2003, 60
abstract: In deze maps wordt voor het eerst gebruik gemaakt van
optisch uitvullen met behulp van protruding characters,
dat wil zeggen dat wordt gepoogd de rechterkantlijn er
rechter uit te laten zien door tekens met horizontale
uitsteeksels, zoals onder andere afbreekstreepjes, iets
in de kantlijn te laten uitsteken.
29/12.pdf (83kb)

Ferdy Hanssen
Installing fonts in LaTeX: a user's experience (English)
MAPS 29, 2003, 61-64
keywords: user, LaTeX, fonts
abstract: This paper presents a user's experience with installing
fonts for use in LaTeX. It will be shown that it is
not hard to make a standard Type 1 font work, if you use
modern font installation software for LaTeX. All the steps
necessary to install the example fonts will be shown. The
example fonts used are Adobe Garamond from Adobe and
Mrs. Eaves from Emigre.
29/13.pdf (118kb)

Philip Lehman
The Font Installation Guide — Using Postscript fonts to their full potential with Latex (English)
MAPS 29, 2003, 65-160
abstract: This guide is an unmodified printout of Philip Lehman's
original guide, which is available from CTAN (current
location: info/Type1fonts/fontinstallationguide directory)
29/14.pdf (593kb)