Taco Hoekwater
MAPS 2008.2 (English/Dutch)
MAPS 37, 2008, 1-90
keywords: NTG, MAPS
abstract: NTG's magazine
37/maps.pdf (18482kb)

Taco Hoekwater
Redactioneel (Dutch)
MAPS 37, 2008, 1
37/01.pdf (22kb)

Taco Hoekwater
TUG conference 2009 (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 2
keywords: tug, cork, announcement
37/02.pdf (179kb)

Hans Hagen
The TeX-lua mix (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 3-11
abstract: An introduction to the combination of TeX and the scripting
language Lua.
37/03.pdf (72kb)

Mojca Miklavec, Arthur Reutenauer
Putting the Cork back in the bottle (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 12-16
abstract: Until recently, all of the hyphenation patterns available
for different languages in TeX were using 8-bit font
encodings, and were therefore not directly usable with
UTF-8 TeX engines such as XeTeX and LuaTeX. When the
former was included in TeX Live in 2007, Jonathan Kew,
its author, devised a temporary way to use them with
XeTeX as well as the "old" TeX engines. Last spring, we
undertook to convert them to UTF-8, and make them usable
with both sorts of TeX engines, thus staying backwardly
compatible. The process uncovered a lot of idiosyncrasies
in the pattern-loading mechanism for different languages,
and we had to invent solutions to work around each of them.
37/04.pdf (268kb)

Taco Hoekwater
PDF genereren voor e-readers (Dutch)
MAPS 37, 2008, 17-24
abstract: Notudoc is a commercial Internet application ConTeXt
uses for the on-the-fly generation of PDF documents,
for the e-readers of IREX technologies, and more.
This article gives a look behind the scenes. NotuDoc is
een commerciƫle internet applicatie die ConTeXt
gebruikt voor het on-the-fly genereren van pdf documenten,
onder andere voor de e-readers van iRex technologies. Dit
artikel geeft een blik achter de schermen.
37/05.pdf (298kb)

Hans Hagen
Dealing with xml in ConTeXt MkIV (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 25-39
37/06.pdf (76kb)

Willi Egger
Printing labels with ConTeXt (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 40-44
keywords: maps, context, layer, label, xy-arrangement
abstract: Sometimes one needs to print a single label which will
be glued onto a package, a large envelope or for the
identification of a box. In certain situations one wants
to produce a series of identical labels or one needs
to typeset whole databases of addresses. ConTeXt offers
the possibility of using the XY-arranging procedure to
print on each of the labels being present on a sheet.
Here a possible approach is presented for labels of the
size 105 x 42.3mm i.e. (14 labels on a A4). It is shown
how to print a single label but also how to get multiple
copies of the same content and how to prepare sheets of
labels containing the addresses of a database.
37/07.pdf (59kb)

Willi Egger
Printing envelopes with ConTeXt (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 45-47
keywords: maps, context, layer, envelope
abstract: Once in a while one has to prepare an envelope with printed
address based on the guidelines provided by the Dutch
mail service TNT. This short communication shows a way to
achieve this with ConTeXt. The article shows the solution
for the DL-type of envelope. From there, it is a small
step to define other envelopes with different dimensions.
37/08.pdf (811kb)

Hans van der Meer
CD and DVD covers in ConTeXt (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 48-54
keywords: cd, dvd, jewelcase
abstract: Production of CD and DVD covers in several variations
using ConTeXt.
37/09.pdf (2736kb)

Taco Hoekwater, Hans Hagen
Punk from Metafont to MetaPost (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 55-58
abstract: To make Knuth's punk font usable with ConTeXt MKIV,
it had to be converted from Metafont to MetaPost input.
This article highlights the most important changes that
had to be made in the conversion process.
37/10.pdf (38kb)

Hans Hagen, Taco Hoekwater
How to Convince Don and Hermann to use LuaTeX (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 59-66
37/11.pdf (11143kb)

Hans Hagen
The Punk Module (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 67-69
37/12.pdf (541kb)

Jonathan Kew
TeXworks: lowering the barrier to entry (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 70-72
keywords: editor, gui, interface, multi-platform, tex front-end, texshop
abstract: A multi-platform competitor for TeXShop is described:
37/13.pdf (1169kb)

Norbert Preining
TeX Live 2008 and the TeX Live Manager (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 73-89
abstract: TeX Live 2008 has been released recently, and the DVDs
are ready to go gold. This is the first release of TeX
Live shipping the TeX Live Manager, tlmgr for short.
Besides taking over some of the tasks from texconfig (which
has never been available for Windows) it finally brings
many new features to the TeX Live world, most importantly
the option for dynamic updates. This article will present
the new TeX Live Installer, the TeX Live Manager, and at
the end lists other changes in TeX Live 2008.
37/14.pdf (912kb)

Taco Hoekwater
EuroTeX conference 2009 (English)
MAPS 37, 2008, 90
keywords: context, meeting, the hague, announcement
37/15.pdf (107kb)