Taco Hoekwater
MAPS 2013.1 (English/Dutch)
MAPS 44, 2013, 1-126
keywords: NTG, MAPS
abstract: NTG's magazine
44/maps.pdf (8726kb)

Taco Hoekwater
Redactioneel (Dutch)
MAPS 44, 2013, 1-2
44/01.pdf (23kb)

Hans Hagen
Does TeX have a future (English)
MAPS 44, 2013, 3-7
44/02.pdf (66kb)

Kees van der Laan
CD and DVD labels (English)
MAPS 44, 2013, 8-12
keywords: Adobe, afii, CD-ROM, ConTeXt, DVD, EPSF, extending encoding vector, label, lightscribe, minimal encapsulated PostScript, numero sign, OTF, Photoshop, plain TeX, PSlib, TeX works
abstract: How to make CD and DVD labels by PostScript, to be printed
on prefab glued paper, assisted by Photoshop for the
conversion of an illustration into EPSF, is explained.
44/03.pdf (772kb)

Koen Wybo
Review of LaTeX and Friends by Marc van Dongen (Dutch)
MAPS 44, 2013, 13-14
abstract: Zeggen dat LaTeX niet gemakkelijk is om aan te leren,
is een open deur intrappen. Met een degelijk boek als
LaTeX and Friends word je meer dan behoorlijk
op weg gezet. Saying that LaTeX is not easy to learn is
a truism. With a good book like LaTeX and Friends you will
more than adequately be put on the road.
44/04.pdf (496kb)

C.M. Fortuin
Kegelsneden benaderen / Conic approximation (Dutch)
MAPS 44, 2013, 15-26
abstract: Kegelsneden kunnen systematisch worden benaderd
door hoekpunten van een (deel van een) omgeschreven
veelhoek. Een algoritme wordt ontwikkeld voor het bepalen
van de steunpunten van een iteratieve derdegraads
"Bézier" benadering van kegelsneden. Voor de start
zijn drie punten nodig. Het algoritme is onafhankelijk
van de stand van de kegelsnede. Conic sections can
systematically be approximated by vertices of a (part
of a) circumscribed polygon. An algorithm is developed
for the determination of the support points of a third
degree iterative "Bezier" approach of a conic. Initially,
three points are needed. The algorithm is independent of
the position of the conic section.
44/05.pdf (137kb)

Kees van der Laan
Pythagoras Trees in PostScript (English)
MAPS 44, 2013, 27-48
keywords: 2.5D, Adobe, ALGOL, art, backtracking, BASIC, CWI, Deubert, EPSF, FIFO, fractal, fractal geometry, IDE, Julia set, Lauwerier, Lévy, LIFO, Lindenmayer, minimal encapsulated PostScript, minimal plain TeX, Pascal triangle, Photoshop, production rule, Pythagoras Tree, PSlib, self-similarity, Sierpiński sieve, sentinel, TeX works, (adaptable) user space, Word
abstract: Pythagoras Trees are drawn elegantly in PostScript,
varied by randomness, colour and the use of curves.
Lindenmayer production rules for systematic PS program
development are enriched by PS concepts.
44/06.pdf (2511kb)

Kees van der Laan
Classical Math Fractals in PostScript (English)
MAPS 44, 2013, 49-78
keywords: Acrobat Pro, Adobe, art, attractor, backtracking, BASIC, Cantor Dust, C curve, dragon curve, EPSF, FIFO, fractal, fractal dimension, fractal geometry, Game of Life, Hilbert curve, IDE (Integrated development Environment), IFS (Iterated Function System), infinity, kronkel (twist), Lauwerier, Lévy, LIFO, Lindenmayer, minimal encapsulated PostScript, minimal plain TeX, Minkowski, Monte Carlo, Photoshop, production rule, PSlib, self-similarity, Sierpiński (island, carpet), Star fractals, TACP, TeX works, Turtle Graphics, (adaptable) user space, von Koch (island), Word
abstract: Classical mathematical fractals in BASIC are explained
and converted into mean-and-lean EPSF defs, of which the
.eps pictures are delivered in .pdf format and cropped to
the prescribed BoundingBox when processed by Acrobat Pro,
to be included easily in pdf(La)TeX, Word, ... documents.
The EPSF fractals are transcriptions of the Turtle
Graphics BASIC codes or programmed anew, recursively,
based on the production rules of oriented objects. The
Lindenmayer production rules are enriched by PostScript
concepts. Experience gained in converting a TeX script
into WYSIWYG Word is communicated.
44/07.pdf (1672kb)

Hans van der Meer
Exam Papers Revisited (English)
MAPS 44, 2013, 79-90
keywords: exam, examination, collection, problem, question, multiple choice, ConTeXt, XML, HTML
abstract: Described is a module for the consistent production and
maintenance of student examinations. It can typeset
questions with long or short answers, yes/no questions
and multiple choice. The questions are formulated as XML
documents and access ConTeXt through a special interface
with HTML-like syntax.
44/08.pdf (125kb)

Hans van der Meer
A bit of HTML and a bit of ConTeXt (English)
MAPS 44, 2013, 91-96
keywords: ConTeXt, HTML, XML, include, vocabulary
abstract: Described is a module for the typesetting of a subset of
HTML operators. These can be used to build data sets
in XML with HTML as formatting elements and have them
typeset in ConTeXt. Other features are the inclusion of
predefined content and provision for language localized
words and expressions.
44/09.pdf (83kb)

Hans van der Meer
Yet Another Table (English)
MAPS 44, 2013, 97-105
keywords: ConTeXt, table
abstract: Described is a module for the typesetting of tables.
The module resembles the LaTeX tabular environment but
is in fact based on a much older package, the origins of
which are lost to the author.
44/10.pdf (102kb)

Sietse Brouwer
Making the ConTeXt wiki easier to improve (English)
MAPS 44, 2013, 106-108
keywords: documentation, projects, wiki, infrastructure, ConTeXt
abstract: An effort is underway to encourage both reading and
editing of the ConTeXt wiki. This article names nine
concrete improvements that are part of this effort, and
makes a case for each of them. These nine items are the
following. To impose structure and to ease navigation:
predictable article names; navboxes; and a simple Main
Page. To coordinate efforts: a `How this wiki works' page;
a village pump; and templates for flagging problems. To
make things easy for our editors: templates for common
things; template documentation; sandboxes and testcases
for templates.
44/11.pdf (102kb)

Taco Hoekwater
MetaPost: Numerical engines (English)
MAPS 44, 2013, 109-113
abstract: After years of talks about future plans for MetaPost 2.0,
finally real progress is being made. This paper introduces
a pre-release of MetaPost 2 that can optionally use IEEE
floating point for its internal calculations instead of
the traditional 32-bit integers.
44/12.pdf (67kb)

Hans Hagen
Simple Spreadsheets (English)
MAPS 44, 2013, 114-122
abstract: A ConTeXt spreadsheet module, based on Lua.
44/13.pdf (63kb)

Michael Guravage
5thInternational ConTeXt Meeting (English)
MAPS 44, 2013, 123-126
abstract: Conference report.
44/14.pdf (2349kb)