EuroTeX 2012 & 6th ConTeXt meeting

Recreational uses of TeX

2012 Conference Program

Monday, October 8

09:00 Conference opening
09:15 sound presentation Kees van der Laan Recreational TeX&Co - with a serious undertone
10:15 sound Jano Kula Run for Fun
11:30 sound extra Mari Voipio TeXtile crafts
14:00 sound presentation extra Kees van der Laan Julia fractals in PostSCript
14:45 sound presentation extra Taco Hoekwater MetaClock
16:00 sound presentation extra Patrick Gundlach A journey to the land of LuaLaTeX
16:45 sound presentation Patrick Gundlach Database publishing with LuaTeX and the speedata Publisher
17:30 Dante membership meeting
20:30 CG membership meeting

Tuesday, October 9

09:00 sound presentation extra Uwe Ziegenhagen Professional Business Reports with LaTeX
09:45 sound presentation extra Leo Arnold Many versions from one source - LaTeX for lecturers and teachers
11:00 sound presentation Taco Hoekwater MetaPost path resolution isolated
11:45 sound presentation Taco Hoekwater Parsing PDF content streams with LuaTeX
14:00 sound Hans Hagen context: the script
14:45 sound Hans Hagen context: after the cleanup
16:00 sound presentation Luigi Scarso Instrumentation of MetaFont with Lua
16:45 sound extra Mari Voipio Metapost workshop
20:30 extra Willi Egger Conference folder workshop

Wednesday, October 10

09:00 Excursion and conference dinner

Thursday, October 11

09:00 sound presentation Bogusłav Jackowski OTF math fonts: GUST e-foundry's workbench
09:45 sound presentation Jerzy Ludwichowski Present and future of the TG Math Project: the report and some questions
11:00 sound presentation Piotr Strzelczyk Is backward compatibility of LM Math and CM math sensible?
11:45 sound GUST e-foundry Bof session: 'The future of math fonts'
14:00 sound Hans Hagen ConTeXt Introduction
14:45 sound Hans Hagen a couple of styles
16:00 sound Hans Hagen lexing
16:45 sound Hans Hagen (visual) debugging

Friday, October 12

09:00 sound presentation Yamamoto Munehiro TeX Typesetting Circumstances for Japanese Publishing
09:45 sound presentation Kitagawa Hironori Japanese Typesetting with LuaTeX
11:00 sound Hans Hagen tricks with the parbuilder
11:45 presentation Ivo Geradts & Kai Eigner Typesetting Sanskrit with LuaTeX
14:00 sound Hans Hagen mixed columns
14:35 sound Hans Hagen Gift presentation: Taco Hoekwater
14:40 sound Hans Hagen Gift presentation: Sietse Brouwer
14:45 sound Tomáš Hála Differences in typesetting rules between Czech and Slovak languages (in the context of ConTeXt)
16:00 sound presentation Jean-Michel Hufflen MlBibTeX and Its New Extensions
16:45 sound presentation Jean-Michel Hufflen Demonstration of the 'mlbibcontext' Program
17:45 sound Sietse Brouwer Bof session: Context Wiki
18:30 2013 Announcements
18:45 Conference closing