Gerard van Nes
MAPS 92.2 (Dutch/English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 1-162
keywords: NTG, MAPS
abstract: NTG's magazine
09/maps.pdf (2054kb)

Gerard van Nes, Jos Winnink
Verslag (1992/2) (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 1-4
keywords: report, members meeting
abstract: Opening;
Verslag bijeenkomst 21 november 1991;
Ingekomen stukken en Mededelingen;
NTG jaarvergadering;
Verslag/discussie werkgroepen;
NTG presentaties: `TeX and Scientific Publishing';
09/01.pdf (61kb)

TeX kalender & Glossary & Discount boeken en software voor NTG leden (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 5
keywords: calendar, glossary, book, software
09/02.pdf (23kb)

Werkgroepen NTG (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 6
keywords: working group
abstract: Verslag werkgroepen.
09/03.pdf (12kb)

Gerard van Nes
Van uw MAPS Editor (1992) (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 7-8
keywords: MAPS
09/04.pdf (38kb)

Kees van der Laan
Van de Voorzitter (1992/2) (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 9-11
keywords: chairman
09/05.pdf (47kb)

Johannes Braams
Concept begroting 1993 (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 12
keywords: budget
09/06.pdf (21kb)

NTG's listserver TeX-NL (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 13-15
keywords: listserver, TEX-NL
abstract: Overzicht gebruikers listserver.
09/07.pdf (22kb)

NTG's fileserver TeX-NL (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 16-22
keywords: fileserver
abstract: Overzicht inhoud NTG fileserver.
09/08.pdf (43kb)

Huub Mulders
WG 3: Evaluatie; Formules in WP5.1, DECwrite en LaTeX (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 23-30
keywords: formulas, evaluation, WordPerfect, DECwrite, LaTeX
abstract: De pakketten WP5.1, DECwrite en LaTeX bieden de
mogelijkheid om formules te typesetten. Om de mogelijkheden
en kwaliteit te kunnen beoordelen is geprobeerd een
vijftal formules met behulp van de drie pakketten te
09/09.pdf (173kb)

Erik-Jan Vens
WG 4: Fonts; Hoe maak ik van een font twee fonts? (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 31-32
keywords: working group, fonts, virtual fonts
abstract: Andrea de Leeuw van Weenen wilde een deel van haar
zelfgemaakte font aan kunnen spreken met de gewone letters
op het toetsenbord, en niet met lastig in te typen en
(evt.) lastig te onthouden macros. De aangewezen manier
leek het maken van een virtueel font. Dus heb ik eens op
een rijtje gezet wat je daarvoor nodig hebt.
09/10.pdf (21kb)

Kees van der Laan
7th European TeX Conference: EuroTeX'92 (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 33-36
keywords: EuroTeX, conference, Prague
abstract: Highlights of this EuroTeX'92 at Prague were:
  • Graphics via TeX and METAFONT.
  • = METAFONT with PostScript output.
  • PostScript fonts coupled to TeX.
  • What every advisory service should know.
  • AsTeX as model for a scientific workbench.
  • Several (free) tutorials: Advanced TeX, Virtual fonts,
09/11.pdf (53kb)

Johannes Braams
Verslag van de TUG conferentie in Portland, Oregon (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 37-42
keywords: TUG conference, Portland
abstract: Verslag van de TUG conferentie in Portland, Oregon.
09/12.pdf (68kb)

Anita Hoover
The Key to Successful Support: Knowing Your TeX and LaTeX Users (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 43-49
keywords: user support
abstract: The primary emphasis of this paper is to address the
issues related to supporting TeX and LaTeX. One
essential ingredient to successfully supporting any
package is that you must know your users. In the case of
TeX and LaTeX, this is especially true, because the
user base can be so diverse. This paper will focus on
support strategies that address different types of users
and what you can do as a TeX and LaTeX support person
to adopt these strategies in your organization.
09/13.pdf (80kb)

Frank Mittelbach, Chris Rowley
The Pursuit of Quality (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 50-56
keywords: craft typography, automated typesetting, document formatting models, paradigm, typographic rules, visual contexts, logical contexts, global optimization
abstract: This paper compares high-quality craft typography with
the state of the art in automated typesetting. The first
part discusses several typographical conventions which
cannot be implemented by means of any formatting model
currently in use. The second part explains why the
current paradigms of computerized typesetting will not
serve for high-quality formatting and suggests directions
for the further research necessary to improve the quality
of computer generated layout.
09/14.pdf (80kb)

Walter van der Laan, Johannes Braams
Writing Reports with More than a Hundred People (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 57-62
keywords: automated report writing, LaTeX
abstract: This paper describes a system that produces project
status reports using LaTeX. The reports contain both
textual and financial information. The textual part of the
status reports is written by over a hundred people who
don't need to know what LaTeX is. The financial
information is retrieved from a database.
09/15.pdf (145kb)

Ralph Youngen
TeX-based Production at the AMS (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 63-68
keywords: AMS
abstract: The American Mathematical Society (AMS) is a both major
publisher of mathematical research, and a professional
organization whose members are mathematicians engaging in
research at academic institutions and other research
centers in the U.S. and around the world. A primary
function of the Society is to provide channels of
communication whereby these mathematicians can communicate
the results of their research to each other, and to the
broader scientific community. Foremost among these
channels of communication is an extensive publications
program which is based on the TeX typesetting system.
09/16.pdf (96kb)

Nico Poppelier, Eric van Herwijnen, Chris Rowley
Standard dtd's and Scientific Publishing (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 69-80
keywords: DTD, SGML, scientific publishing
abstract: This paper has two parts. In the first part we argue that
scientific publishing needs one standard dtd for each
class of documents that is published, for example one for
all research papers and one for all books. In the second
part we apply this reasoning to mathematical formulas, and
we outline some design requirements for a document type
definition for mathematical formulas. In the appendices we
discuss and compare existing document type definitions for
mathematical formulas.
09/17.pdf (143kb)

Erik-Jan Vens
Incorporating PostScript fonts in TeX (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 81-84
keywords: PostScript, fonts, pfb2mf, conversion
abstract: pfb2mf provides the TeX community with an interface to
the PostScript Type One fonts. There is an overwhelming
amount of these fonts for sale and there are a lot of
fonts in the Public Domain, so it extends the range of
typefaces the TeX user can choose from.
09/18.pdf (58kb)

David Salomon
Creating Shaded Rectangles with PostScript (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 85-88
keywords: shaded rectangles, PostScript
abstract: One of the most common graphics used in documents is text
with a shaded background. This is hard to do with TeX
but easy with PostScript. Simple PostScript code is
presented here to create shaded rectangles, and a macro is
developed to combine such a rectangle with text.
09/19.pdf (36kb)

John Hobby
Introduction to METAPOST (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 89-96
keywords: METAFONT, METAPOST, picture drawing
abstract: METAPOST is a picture-drawing language very much like
METAFONT except with PostScript output. The language
provides access to all major features of Level 1
PostScript and it has facilities for integrating
graphics with typeset text. This paper gives a brief
overview of the METAPOST language and how it can be used.
A few of the more interesting features are described in
09/20.pdf (110kb)

Theo Jurriens
TeX for Everyone!? (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 97-99
keywords: METAFONT, PostScript
abstract: In this article author tries to defend a more general use
of TeX outside the world of mathematics, astronomy,
physics etc. The ! or ? in the title of this paper is the
question. Several examples are shown why TeX is much
powerful than a dull word-processing package.
09/21.pdf (48kb)

Theo Jurriens
TeX als Database (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 100-101
keywords: databases, administration
abstract: In dit artikel wordt beschreven hoe TeX is gebruikt als
een primitieve database voor de administratie van de 47ste
Nederlandse Astronomen Conferentie.
09/22.pdf (15kb)

Theo Jurriens
Ladies and LaTeX — III Vragen allerlei! (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 102-104
keywords: floats, multi-columns, letter, table of contents
abstract: In het dagelijks gebruik van LaTeX komen we zo af en
toe toch nog wel eens problemen voor. In dit artikel
vragen uit de praktijk en de mogelijke oplossingen.
09/23.pdf (24kb)

Victor Eijkhout
Just give me a Lollipop (it makes my heart go giddy-up) (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 105-110
keywords: Lollipop, meta-format, style design
abstract: The Lollipop format is a meta-format: it does not define
user macros, but it contains the tools with which a style
designer can easily implement such user macros. This
article will show some of the capabilities of Lollipop and
will give the reader a small peek behind the scenes of the
09/24.pdf (66kb)

David Salomon
Index Preparation for TeX Related Documents (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 111-114
keywords: index preparation, MakeIndex
abstract: A beta release of the MakeIndex program has recently
become available for the Macintosh computer, and I
immediately started using it to prepare the indexes of two
new books. MakeIndex is easy to use with LaTeX but,
since I like to work with plain TeX, I have developed all
the necessary macros from scratch. They are presented here
for the benefit of anyone who wants a professionally
looking index.
09/25.pdf (50kb)

Kees van der Laan
Table Diversions (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 115-129
keywords: tables, bordered table, plain TeX
abstract: Characteristics of existing table macro collections are
given. A kaleidoscope of tables — as next best to a taxonomy
— is presented. Newly introduced is the class of bordered
tables. Variations in print-ruled, nonruled, framed,
nonframed, dotted, centered, flushed-can be obtained via
the invoke of parameter setting macros; no modification of
user mark up. Simultaneous row and column spans, partial
rules, and dotted lines are dealt with. The listing of the
macro \btable, with auxiliaries, is included.
09/26.pdf (133kb)

Kees van der Laan
Syntactic Sugar (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 130-136
keywords: array addressing, loops, parameters, linear search, sorting, switch, plain TeX
abstract: A plea is made for being honest with TeX and not
imposing alien structures upon it, otherwise than via
compatible extensions, or via (non-TeX) user interfaces
to suit the publisher, the author, or the typist. This
will facilitate the process to get (complex) publications
out effectively, and typographically of high-quality.
09/27.pdf (101kb)

Kees van der Laan
Heap Sort in TeX (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 137-138
keywords: heap sort, plain TeX
abstract: Sorting in plain TeX is implemented via heap sort.
The heap sort algorithm is explained and the encoding given.
09/28.pdf (40kb)

Kees van der Laan
FIFO and LIFO sing the BLUes (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 139-144
keywords: FIFO, LIFO, BLUe, plain TeX
abstract: FIFO, First-In-First-Out, and LIFO, Last-In-First-Out,
are well-known techniques for handling sequences. In
TeX macro writing they are abundant but are not easily
recognized as such. TeX templates for FIFO and LIFO are
given and their use illustrated. The relation with Knuth's
\dolist, answer ex11.5, and \ctest, p.376,
is given.
09/29.pdf (89kb)

Kees van der Laan
Typesetting Crosswords via TeX, revisited (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 145-146
keywords: crosswords
abstract: An alternative macro, to van der Laan (1992b),
is provided for typesetting crosswords via TeX.
09/30.pdf (43kb)

Jan Krugers
Scientific Word; TeX à la WYSIWYG (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 147-154
keywords: Scientific Word, WYSIWYG, Windows, OS2WIN
abstract: A software package for Windows and OS2WIN for inputting
mathematical formulas WYSIWYG according to all TeX
rules. Internal storage format is a mixture of TeX,
LaTeX and macros of own design. Mathematical formulas
are immediately shown the way they will be printed. Line
width for text is limited to the width of the windowfor
ease of use. The built in previewer from TurboTeX shows
the whole document layout. There are also dvi drivers
included for PostScript, LaserJet, DeskJet and
matrixprinters. Pictures can be called just as easy as
formulas can be inputted. A description of the philosophy
of this package and how to work with it.
09/31.pdf (244kb)

Gerard van Nes
Bugs (sigh) in Knuths `Computers & Typesetting' (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 155-157
keywords: bugs, Knuth, Computers & Typesetting
abstract: In may/june this year a discussion started on the TeX-NL
listserver (by Kees van der Laan and Nico Poppelier) about
the releases of Knuths book series: it was not sure that
Addison-Wesley was selling only the latest book editions.
We have forwarded that discussion directly to Addison-Wesley
in Amsterdam. The answer is included in next section.
09/32.pdf (38kb)

Michael Downes
LaTeX3; Call for Volunteers (English)
MAPS 9, 1992, 158
keywords: LaTeX3, volunteers
abstract: This is a call for volunteers to help in the development
of LaTeX3. There are many tasks needing to be done in
support of the LaTeX3 project which can be worked on
concurrently with the development of the LaTeX3 kernel.
Furthermore, some tasks require special expertise not
found among the core programming team. Initial research,
analysis, and work on these tasks by volunteers can
greatly speed up the process of integrating a number of
desirable features into LaTeX3. Many of these features
can be extensively developed and tested under LaTeX 2.09
even before the LaTeX3 kernel is available.
09/33.pdf (17kb)

Jiří Zlatuška
EuroTeX'92 proceedings (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 159
keywords: EuroTeX, proceedings, Prague
abstract: EuroTeX '92 proceedings volume contains 330 pages of
papers presented at the last European TeX Conference
held in Prague, Czechoslovakia. There are full texts of
five invited talks included, presenting topics ranging
from the future of TeX to combinations involving METAFONT
and PostScript, and also user support. The volume is
available from the Czechoslovak TeX user's group for
only DM 30.—.
09/34.pdf (16kb)

TUG '93; Call for Papers (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 160
keywords: TUG conference, call for papers
abstract: Call for papers for TUG'93 meeting.
09/35.pdf (56kb)

Table of Contents TUGboat (Dutch)
MAPS 9, 1992, 161-162
keywords: TUGboat, contents
abstract: Table of contents of TUGboat Volume 13.2 and 13.3.
09/36.pdf (24kb)