MAPS 49, 2019, 1-74
maps.pdf (18332kb)
NTG's magazine

Van de penningmeester
Van de penningmeester [From the treasurer] (Dutch)
MAPS 49, 2019, 1-2
01.pdf (26kb)

Frans Goddijn
Verslag 57ste NTG bijeenkomst [Report 57th NTG meeting] (Dutch)
MAPS 49, 2019, 3-4
02.pdf (8809kb)

Tim van de Kamp
Impressie hackerskamp SHA-2017 [Impression hacker camp SHA-2017] (Dutch)
MAPS 49, 2019, 5-5
03.pdf (309kb)
hackerskamp, SHA
Last year there was a large hacker camp on the Flevopolder. Because TeXnicians can also call themselves "hackers", there was even a real "LaTeX village" present at the camp this year. A short report of the camp.

Hans van der Meer
Take Notes — Take Two — Notes handling module revised and extended{\kern -12pt (English)
MAPS 49, 2019, 6-12
04.pdf (97kb)
Second, revised and extended, version of a module for processing of notes. Notes are classified according to category/subcategory and can contain information about subject, author, date, source, etc. The typesetting of the notes can be filtered according to several criteria. Many aspects of the formatting are easily configurable.

Hans van der Meer
Bits and Pieces from ConTeXt mailing list — A Collection of TeX and \MetaFont Notes (English)
MAPS 49, 2019, 13-26
05.pdf (506kb)
My Takenotes module for processing notes is used to present a selection from the notes collected mainly from the \ConTeXt users group on the internet.

Hans Hagen
LuaTeX 1.10, a stable release (English)
MAPS 49, 2019, 27-28
06.pdf (38kb)

Hans Hagen
Basic image formats (English)
MAPS 49, 2019, 29-30
07.pdf (39kb)

Hans Hagen
Is TeX really slow? (English)
MAPS 49, 2019, 31-34
08.pdf (64kb)

Dennis van Dok
Dagboek van een Informaticus [Diary of a Computer Scientist] (Dutch)
MAPS 49, 2019, 35-36
09.pdf (304kb)

Ernst van der Storm
Belangrijke onderdelen voor een programmaboekje [Important parts for a program booklet] (Dutch)
MAPS 49, 2019, 37-38
10.pdf (346kb)
gedicht met vertaling, kolommen, bladvullende kop, programmaboekje
For many years I have been making program booklets for the Nieuwegeins Kamerkoor, and always with LaTeX, resp. LuaTeX. This article describes some macros I used to create the booklet. Aligning a song text on the page — usually A5 — and its translation is usually manual work. The package verse turned out to be unsuitable, this article contains an alternative.

Taco Hoekwater
MuPDF Tools (English)
MAPS 49, 2019, 39-40
11.pdf (50kb)
The application MUPDF ( is a very fast, portable, open-source PDF previewer and development toolkit actively supported by Artifex, the creators of GhostScript ( But MUPDF is not just a very fast, portable, open-source PDF previewer and toolkit. It also comes with a handy collection of command-line tools that are easily overlooked. The command-line tools allow you to annotate, edit, and convert documents to other formats such as HTML, SVG, PDF, and PNG. You can also write scripts to manipulate documents using Javascript. This small paper gives a quick overview of the possibilities.

Siep Kroonenberg
Een kleine wegwijzer naar TeX documentatie [A little signpost to TeX documentation] (Dutch)
MAPS 49, 2019, 41-42
12.pdf (539kb)
It can be difficult to find the information you need, and that includes TeX and LaTeX users. But I hope to show here that you usually don't have to search long. TeX Live and MiKTeX install almost complete documentation ootnote{With TeX Live this is an installation option. Online there are also very complete and easily searchable overviews.

Ernst van der Storm
Veel pagina’s scannen, één pdf [Scan many pages, one PDF] (Dutch)
MAPS 49, 2019, 43-48
13.pdf (2583kb)
Sometimes it is necessary for a choir or an orchestra to copy a piece from a music book, the result being a number of scanned images — usually of the jpeg or pdf type. \par %[2ex] Below I describe a method to make the margins of all pages straight and symmetrical with a few LaTeX macros, to display the scans on the entire page and to make the result as one PDF usable for printing. For example, correcting the trapezoidal shape of a scan is only possible with more specific software such as DigiKam.\par Using an editor with column editing options can be useful.

Rens Baardman
Writing my thesis with TeX — A report from the battlefields (English)
MAPS 49, 2019, 49-53
14.pdf (1029kb)

Hans Hagen
Following up on LuaTeXvadjust{\kern 11pt (English)
MAPS 49, 2019, 54-57
15.pdf (61kb)

Piet van Oostrum
LaTeX on the Road — An adventure with LaTeX while travelling light (Dutch)
MAPS 49, 2019, 58-70
16.pdf (5299kb)
LaTeX, travelling, iPad, Overleaf, git, distributed version management, Github
This article describes the adventures that I had while working on a small TeX project without my beloved laptop at hand. With only an iPad to do the work and without a local TeX system installed on it there were several challenges. I document them here so that others can enjoy the struggles I had and can benefit from the solutions when they encounter similar situations.