MAPS 51 (2021.1)

Complete edition: maps.pdf (2615kB, 102 pages)

maps redactie
Redactioneel [Editorial] (Dutch)
MAPS 51, 2021, 1-1
01.pdf (18kB)

Hans Hagen
Waarom is een NTG lidmaatschap belangrijk? [Why is an NTG membership important?] (Dutch)
MAPS 51, 2021, 2-2
02.pdf (36kB)

Hans Hagen
Proud or ashamed (English)
MAPS 51, 2021, 3-6
03.pdf (184kB)

Hans Hagen
Lost in fonts (English)
MAPS 51, 2021, 7-8
04.pdf (36kB)

Hans Hagen
UTF8 in MetaPost (English)
MAPS 51, 2021, 9-12
05.pdf (100kB)

Hans Hagen
Extensions related to programming macros (English)
MAPS 51, 2021, 13-24
06.pdf (89kB)

J.A.M. Vermaseren
Playing with Axodraw (English)
MAPS 51, 2021, 25-39
07.pdf (1003kB)
This paper shows some of the features of Axodraw. It puts emphasis on applications, not only in the field of physics, but also in completely unrelated fields like mathematical tiling constructions, fashion patterns or the design of sudokus.

Tomáš Szaniszlo
Two Questions and Answer Sessions by Donald Knuth at FI MU (English)
MAPS 51, 2021, 40-64
08.pdf (515kB)
Donald Knuth, Computer Programming as Art, Boundless Interests, Q&A
In October 2019, the Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, hosted Donald Knuth as a guest who led two questions and answers sessions at this occasion dedicated to the themes of Computer Science and art. Besides some background on these lectures, you can also find their transcripts in this article.

Hans van der Meer
Translations from a Vocabulary (English)
MAPS 51, 2021, 65-68
09.pdf (272kB)
Formerly part of the module hvdm-xml but now split off into an independent module with its own description. Used for making other modules language sensitive. The module is especially tailored for XML use.

Hans van der Meer
Macros and Lua snippets (English)
MAPS 51, 2021, 69-76
10.pdf (90kB)
Lua, macro, file, font, list, date
Described is a module containing a number of helper macros, many of them programmed in Lua.

Jerzy Ludwichowski
GUST e-foundry font projects, closing report 2019—2020 (English)
MAPS 51, 2021, 77-78
11.pdf (343kB)

Pieter van Oostrum
Fancyhdr Ontwikkeling [Fancyhdr Development] (Nederlands)
MAPS 51, 2021, 79-96
12.pdf (570kB)
LaTeX, package, fancyhdr, headers, footers, versiebeheer, testen
This article provides an overview of the development of the LaTeX package fancyhdr, and the tools I use for this. An overview is also given of the method of testing.

Siep Kroonenberg
Ontwikkelingen in TeXLive [Developments in TeXLive] (Dutch)
MAPS 51, 2021, 97-98
13.pdf (307kB)