EuroTeX 2001

Presentations and Tutorials

Reintroducing Type 3 fonts to the world of TeX Wlodzimierz Bzyl
Observations on Literate Program Structure Michael Guravage
Extending TeX in a literate way Bernd Raichle
Math typesetting in TeX: The good, the bad, the ugly Ulrik Vieth
Pattern generation revisited David Antos, Petr Sojka
MlBibTeX, a new implementation of BibTeX Jean-Michel Hufflen
Directions for the TeXLive Fabrice Popineau
A tour around the NTS implementation Karel Skoupý
Extending ExTeX, (Examples.txt) Simon Pepping
Omega goes open-source John Plaice
The Euromath System -- the WYSIWYG structured XML editor, browser, ... J. Chlebíková, J. Gurican, M. Nagy, I. Odrobina
Usage of MathML for paper and web publishing, (source.tex) Tobias Burnus
Natural TeX notation in mathematics Michal Marvan
TeX in 2001, are we still up-to-date? Hans Hagen
POLIGRAF: from TeX to printing house Janusz M. Nowacki
Using pdfTeX to build an industrial-strength PDF-based imposition program Martin Schröder
Font Specials, cmdfont Boguslaw Jackowski and Krzysztof Leszczynski
Conversion of TeX fonts into Type1 format, (examples (pdf)) Péter Szabó
METATYPE1: a METAPOST-based engine for generating Type 1 fonts Boguslaw Jackowski, Janusz M. Nowacki, and Piotr Strzelczyk
From database to presentation via XML, XSLT and ConTeXt, (zip) Berend de Boer
The ConTeXt publication module Taco Hoekwater
TeX in Teaching Michael Moortgat, Richard Moot, Dick Oehrle
Learn how to write a Makefile Berend de Boer
Do not be afraid of XSLT, (zip) Berend de Boer
From XML to TeX: an overview of available methods, (zip) Simon Pepping
DCpic, a (yet another) commutative diagram package based on the PiCTeX macro package Pedro Quaresma
Fonts,Fonts,and more Fonts! Tom Kacvinsky
Fonts and PDF via pdfTEX Tom Kavcinsky
Instant preview and the TeX daemon Jonathan Fine